22 thoughts on “Yuqi Lin”

  1. The first image is my favorite. I love the contrast in it and how you have captured movement. It feels very runway, like it’s an image for a fashion magazine. I do wish the scarf wasn’t cut off on the left hand side, but I do really enjoy this image. I think black and white was a good choice, it makes the photos feel very classy. Good work!

  2. I love how the saturation of the blacks on the jacket and the scarf almost highlight themselves and stand out. I also agree with the previous comment because it does seem as if these images were for a fashion magazine. Which is really cool.

  3. I agree with Ciera, black and white looks really good for these photos, the black tones are very rich. I’m not sure whether to focus on the outfit or the bag with the scarf though, maybe having one element in really sharp focus could help narrow it in. This type of fashion would look great in urban landscapes!

  4. These photos are a great set of product shots. They both have great texture and contrast within the different layers of clothing and accessories. I also find the black and white to be interesting but I do wonder why you choose to go in black and white as a fashion shot? Mainly because it’s about the clothing and selling the items and the persona given off and taking out the color (a big part of the items) is a very specific choice. I agree with Ciera, I wish the scarf was fully on the page, only because it’s only a little cut off so it’s not as purposeful as it would be if more was out of the frame.

  5. I really like the idea of faceless portraits. You were able to capture the person’s personality through these pictures without seeing her face. The black and white concept gives an interesting feeling, I like it!

  6. From a fashion photography standpoint, you did a great job catching the motion of the clothing. I think that the first image is much stronger than the second. Overall, good work.

  7. These are gorgeous photos. I love that you used black and white tones, instead of color. It leaves a little to the imagination, where the mind can fill in the colors. I really like the first one the best, where you were able to stop the motion of the bag swinging mid air. These look like professional photos that could be found in a fashion magazine, or on a website selling this bag, or this outfit. Lovely work.

  8. Choosing to include motion was a great decision and I think it produces a really interesting effect. I also think having the dark blacks contrasting with the lighter grays adds a unique quality to the work. Overall, I like both of these photos a lot.

  9. Really successful use of textures in movement in the first photo. Having it in black and white draws in the viewer to more closely examine the details in the model’s clothing. I’m also a big fan of the almost commanding yet fluid pose in the first image. Despite the fact we have no idea what the model looks like, it gives us a window into their personality.

  10. I love fashion photos/work as well! I really like the first because of the composition and clarity. Both photos have a perfect true blacks and whites that doesn’t seem to have any undertones or color casts. I’m picky when it comes to which blacks and white look good, this really looks good. The images look crisp and clean!! Great job!

  11. I really like the way you make the portrait without head. It highlight your fashion taste. The first photo you make a little empty for the right sight and left with a good movement, it looks so good for me. It give me a strong fashion and fearless feeling. Good work!

  12. I really love that you chose to use black and white for these photos, I think it adds a lot to them. They look super professional and the choice of movement is really great as well. These look like something I’d expect to see in a fashion magazine or fashion blog and I am super impressed.

  13. I love the contrast in these photos and how you captured movement. These photos feel very classy and look very crisp and clean! I also really like the idea of these portraits not including the face. Well done!

  14. Black and white photography always looks so timeless and I love how your outfit choice goes with that look. The fact you managed to keep the tones consistent throughout the shot is amazing. Love it!

  15. The black and white tones paired with the motion in this image really draw in the viewers attention. I like how the image takes the “movement” a step farther by not only having the object move, but the model appear to be mid action as well. My only critique would be to retake the second photo and try and capture a slightly more clear image of the scarf in mid motion!

  16. The contrast and tone in your photos are well balanced, nothing is too light or too dark. I like the way you capture motion in these photos. Not including your face works well to put the emphasis on your clothing and fashion.

  17. I think that black and white was a good choice for these photos, but I think they could be improved if the motion of the bag/ scarf was eliminated and everything was in focus. I like how the portraits focus on what the person is wearing, rather than the person.

  18. These picture I can literally see being in a fashion magazine, I live the outfit worn by the model making me as viewer want a similar one. I like that you choose to put the photos in black in white, and how you captured movement in the second one with the swinging of the purse.

  19. I like your picture when it shows the difference in the speed of two. In the first picture, the picture is really clear and we can capture the movement of the model. Moreover, we feel it like a fashion show. In contrast, the second picture captures the movement of the model as well but the scarf is a blur. For this picture, we have a mix of clear and blur objects and the object in the back is clearer than the front.

  20. I really enjoy how you incorporated motion into this picture while still keeping your model still. The first picture is especially my favorite because everything in the picture is in focus, but you still managed to convey to the audience that the purse is moving.

  21. These photos look great! The first thing I noticed in these pictures is how the motion that you depicted in each image. The first image, especially, has a lot of movement. The use of a slower shutter speed allows the bag and scarf to be a little blurry from the motion but we can still tell what it is. I think you have a really good amount of contrast and good greys too. This helps to accentuate the patterns in a lot of the clothing which enhances the fashion vibe. Awesome photos!

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