photography, Rollins College

Angela-Maria Martinez

Angela-Maria Martinez
Art 300 Photography II: Theory and Practice
Digital prints; 17 x 22
Series of 20 images

The images I capture reflect the correlation between the unknown and the uncanny. Through the objects and situations displayed in these photographs, I intend to capture the cautious wonder with which we regard the “unreachable unfamiliar,” and how the act of exhibiting the “other” adds a barrier of separation that impedes us from accurately understanding and accepting what we see. Although we may experience various degrees of curiosity and appreciation for the endless foreign entities we confront, our inherent nature and cultured experiences force us to approach what is unclear with weariness.

9 thoughts on “Angela-Maria Martinez”

  1. Working with mirrors is always very fun. The place you shot this at has a “Grandma’s House” aesthetic that ties into the concept very well. I would encourage you to explore using prisms in your shooting. They can add a great deal of character. Nice work.

  2. I love your use of glass elements! It gives your work a mysterious and ethereal feel. Something I think you could experiment with would be reflecting light to make rainbows off the glass. Great work!

  3. I’m not sure I really see your concept come through in these photographs. I really enjoy them, especially the first one with the use of the glass and mirror elements. I think the way you captured the flowers in the mirror was really interesting and the framing of the photo was well done. I’m just not sure that I get the idea of the uncanny and unfamiliar in either of these photos. Maybe a little bit in the second one.

  4. I really like the pictures you have taken because it makes me question what I am liking at and what is genuinely in front of the phone, especially with the second one. My favorite is the first picture you took with the colors of the flowers and how its depth of focus is on the flowers in the mirrored vase.

  5. These photos are really cool! I really enjoy the colors you chose to use as well as the more abstract theme you chose to go with. I think the shallow depth of field works well in both images and works to direct the eye to where you want it to go. The second image, specifically, uses the reflection of the glass to obscure what the subject really is and it helps draw the viewer back into the image as they see the sharp subject underneath the blurry reflection. The use of repetition also strengthens this effect. Great job!

  6. Both of these images play with reflection and light in a very creative way. Regarding the first one, the death of field and composition of the subject is very purposeful, making the viewer question exactly what they’re looking at. The focal point guides the viewer’s eye to the center of the subject, forcing you to literally look into the light. I absolutely love all of the different colors in the second image. Not only was the reflection nailed in this shot, the clarity of it, regardless of everything going on in the image, is basically spot on. Similar to the first image, this scene makes the viewer question what it is they’re looking at. Both of these photos are very well done; the photographer did a fantastic job of stepping outside of the box in order to have her photos stand out.

  7. Wow its amazing how I saw the images first and formed thoughts of confusion, curiosity, unfamiliarity and then read your description which matched exactly how I felt. I am impressed with your ability to convey those exact feelings within a digital image. I really appreciate your use of lighting and reflection in the second image to change the subject of a photo into something extremely more interesting and diverse.

  8. I really like the lighting in your first photo. The color of it goes well with your background and the trim on the box. I also really enjoy the reflectiveness of your images and the way it occurs in different manners. The double exposure of the second photo creates a reflective feeling that ties the two pieces together. I think the ghosting technique was a good choice here because it makes the photo feel like a memory that it conveys. Overall great job!

  9. I like the uncertainty in these images and how the viewer doesn’t know quite what they’re looking at. That being said, they still feel familiar and warm, like a lazy day spent at a relative’s house. The second image is so engaging because I can’t seem to figure out where the reflections start and the physical objects begin. I also enjoy how the first photo makes a sort of doorway-to-another-world feeling through the placement of complex orchids with very monotonous surroundings.

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