photography, Rollins College

Elizabeth Shugart

Elizabeth Shugart
ART 300: Photography 2 Theory and Practices
Digital Prints; 13×17
5 photos out of a series of 15

In this project I am looking at the manipulation and control of water in Florida and the development that this enables, whether agricultural or housing, and the impacts of both. In a human world, the natural flow of water crosses our lawns, roads, and agriculture picking up chemicals we use to fertilize our lawns and agriculture and the oil released from cars along the way. These elements are far from natural, pervading the ecosystem, impacting its ability to function properly as the new elements are foreign and unnatural. This project seeks to capture or suggest these human inputs into the ecosystem through capturing the sources of the pollutants and the methods of controlling water.

31 thoughts on “Elizabeth Shugart”

  1. Powerful message with the photos. The sky colors, especially on the 3rd photo are vibrant and I like the way they reflect off the waterway below. Great lines visually throughout the series.

  2. The images are absolutely beautiful. My favorite is is the fourth one because of the composition and saturation of the photo. This feels like photojournalism, because of the very real topic of your artist statement. Nice work!

  3. The third and fourth images are very striking! I love the lines that lead your eye through the photo. I do get a sense of water control/management. I think it would have been interesting to have some images of pollution since you did talk about it in your statement.

  4. The concept is really great, I think this is definitely a series that could be expanded and really create a great dialogue. some of the photos could be stronger, such as the first one and second one solely based on the composition and keeping your images focused. In the second one theres just too much “dead” space to me, and I’m not being pulled into the photo whereas the fourth photo really draws me in because of the composition of the photo. it has more of an impact. so i would recommend to keep pushing this series cause it can really be an amazing piece of your portfolio but push the photography itself a bit more, challenge yourself to really find the nice and impactful angles

  5. These photos are all very visually pleasing due to the way the lines lead deeper into the photograph. You have a very good eye for composition and I like your artist statement/ the focus of these photos.

  6. I love that we are getting to see places that we don’t usually have access to or see in our every day lives. These sites where not made with beauty in mind but you have been able to successfully capture beautiful and unique images from them.

  7. I really like the depth of your pictures. It leads my eyes to move with the extensional lines. I also suggest to level the fourth picture. Nice work!

  8. I like all of your images and theme of your pictures as well. I could just say in the first image if you could have taken an image of only the trees and sky, then, it would look really good, I did not understand why you included the road. If it would be trees and sky then it would go perfectly with your other pictures.

  9. While the intentions with your photos are great, you could improve on a few things:
    -the sharpness or clarity of your images; it may be the resolution of the photo or how the images were compressed. WhenI zoom in to look at the details, the images become blurry and pixelated.
    – Crop photos with a lot of the sky seeping out such as the one in the last photo since your focus is on the factories not the sky unless you were to take a photo of the sky full of factory clouds/ pollution. Basically, crop your images to draw the viewer’s attention to the subject you want.
    -Keep in mind the composition of the photo and the degree to which you zoom in on your subject because that controls how intimate you want the viewer to be within that space (of the photo).

    The photos that I liked were the two grassy valleys because of the composition, color scheme, and its cinematic aspects.

  10. I really love your pictures when it brings the peaceful feeling to the viewers. Five pictures with different object and layout is fit for the pictures. The color of the picture is natural and you bring the different feeling to the viewer when we start from the street to the field. Moreover, the sky is high with different color and it creates the depth for the pictures.

  11. The clarity and composition for all of these images are amazing! Even though there is a lot going on, the images are very soothing to look at. Great job (:

  12. You create the depth for the depth of the picture by taking the photos from the far distance. Even though from the far distance but we still can see the color of the pictures and we can feel the meaning of the picture by looking at these peaceful pictures. Especially, in every picture, the sky is really beautiful and we can spread our eyes to a far distance. These pictures bring the viewers to different places such as the street, the river, and the factory.

  13. I love the pictures you’ve taken and your use of the natural light. The clearness of the photos shows the simplicity and beauty of nature and how in the last one the factory is ruining that simplicity with the pollution leaving it. I think my favorite one of your pictures is the third one and how the cloud from the sky and visioned in the pond as if there was a mirror there.

  14. I like how you used the natural lines that the water, power cords, and tubes create to move the eye around the photos. The good composition of the photos also adds to the calm feeling within these photos.

  15. This is a really great exploration of an important topic! The contrast between the natural landscape and water, with the industrial elements is really apparent and gets your point across well. If I were to change one thing, I would have maybe cropped some of the second image or alternatively enhanced the water some. I am not sure whether to focus on the expanse of water or the man made structure in the background.

  16. These photos are so simple yet evocative! I like how there’s no humans in the photographs, it makes it seem like these could have been taken anywhere in the country.

  17. I love how simply these images are composed. I think for the purpose of your series, the similar composition is so effective in displaying the nature of water control.

  18. The vibrancy of these photos are beautiful! The vibrant green grass and the sky are really eye catching. The depth of field used here is great. The lighting for these photos is well done. I love the natural lighting used. I also love the use of the natural lines of the landscape, its very eye pleasing.

  19. These images are so stunning! Your use of leading lines makes your images so captivating. I like the colors and tones you are using in these images. The first image has so much going on, but it works so well because all of the elements work together.

  20. I think the second to last is the strongest image. It really captures that idea of “this should be a normal photo of a landscape, but our industry is blocking the view”. The lighting enhances the beauty, which further highlights what shouldn’t be there.

  21. You have very clear, strong colors in all of you images. Each image has very deep greens or blues, etc. I also like the conversation of the nature with the man-made objects. For example, the road with the grass. The deep yellow and the green, these colors go together very well.

  22. I enjoy the consistency of the relationship between the bodies of water and the sky in your photos. I think this is a strong choice to push the idea that the fact that water travels means that much more is affected by what goes into the water than just one point. In the photos the rivers sort of pool into the sky. I think I would like to see more consistency within the composition of the photos. Some of the photos I think would benefit from a different cropping or slight straightening.

  23. The colors in these images are what first caught my eyes about this series. The contrast between the bright nature colors and the grey and duller shades of the industrial equipment is very interesting and goes well with her theme as discussed in the statement. I also love how the composition of each image is similar in all five of the photos. Whether this was intentional or not, it adds a sense of cohesiveness throughout the series. I also very much appreciate this photographer’s efforts to combine her art with a theme of science and relating to the larger issues of climate change and agriculture. The reflection of the sky in the water in the third image is stunning, very in focus and none of the natural light and colors are lost in this shot.

  24. The first thing that got my attention was the high saturated colors. They really make the landscape photos stand out and are really visually pleasing. The concept beautifully translated into these works. The variety of settings is impressive, I’d like to see the complete set of 15. The perspective is played with in some but it could be pushed even more. These are on the border of surreal and would benefit from being pushed just a bit to give them more visual interest.

  25. Your photos let these places look so beautiful. I love the concept of your photos. Also, I really enjoy the depth and the high saturated colors of your photos. The sky of each photo is incredible.

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