19 thoughts on “Emma May”

  1. I think your choice of increasing the exposure on the steam and darken the rest of the image and using long exposure achieves your goal successfully.

  2. I like how the steam does have a slight color within it, which does give it that whimsical look you were going for. The light hitting the edge of the pot give just enough definition to make the photo not appear flat. Great light effects.

  3. After I read your statement, I saw the whimsical aspect of the photo. At first, I just thought it was a bit too saturated and fake-looking, but I like it a lot more now. I wish there was a different background though, the current one is a bit busy and distracting.

  4. Elizabeth, I really like this photo and am very attracted to how you captured the steam here. I too have photographed steam in a variety of ways, and the nature of it is always very interesting to me. I particularly like how you framed this photograph, from the angle which it was taken.

  5. I love the moment you captured as it provides us an unusual perspective to see the shape and color of steam. It is amazing that in this photo I can even see the movement of steam and the rainbow color. This could be a great topic to investigate more.

  6. I really like the steam in your photograph and I think you caught it beautifully. The slow shutter speed really captures the details in the water vapor. I think it would be quite interesting if you did that with other water vapor types in other settings like outside with breath or pouring hot water in the snow. Overall, great concept and want to see more!

  7. I really love the way the steam looks, it does feel whimsical & abstract as your goal stated. I do wish the background was a bit darker because I find the doors in the background a bit distracting. Very interesting image though.

  8. I think this came out really cool and would be interested to see what else you can do with this effect/ try using color lights with it.

  9. I really enjoy this image. The use of a long shutter speed to capture the motion of the steam and the use of light behind the camera produces an interesting affect. You utilize leading lines provided by the counter and the pot to guide the viewer to the steam which then takes the eye up and out of the image. I also like how the background of the photo is a bit darker to accentuate the steam more. One suggestion I would give is to maybe try to lower the ISO of the film or camera you are using so it appears a little less grainy in the areas without the steam. I think that and using a small aperture to provide a lot of depth of field would help keep the steam seperate from the background and and keep the photo a bit smoother so it could seem a bit more mystical.

  10. The contrast in this photo is really nice. I am especially intrigued by how the steam emerges from the pot, which leads my eyes to wonder where it is going. The light illuminating the steam does add the abstract feeling you were going for. I also agree that the background is a little distracting, but the way you captured the steam is so compelling.

  11. I am really impressed by the number of colors you were able to capture in this shot. I love the lighting! It definitely contributed to that whimsical effect. I also think that a boiling pot is an interesting subject to photograph in the first place. I love how you were able to take a common household item and make it something new!

  12. This really looks like a ghost or something out of a horror movie! The lighting to accentuate the smoke is really cool, and the “sinister” tones you edited in really sell the whole photo. Great work!

  13. Love the use of exposure in this picture. The texture of the steam coming out of the pot is so abstract and mesmerizing. Really liked how you made the picture simple by only brightening the steam and darkening the rest of the photo. Good use of light!

  14. I really enjoy the colors that come out in the steam of the pot and it is quite fun to look at and gives a great sense of movement. If I were to change anything, I may expose the rest of the background more to give us a little more information on the image. It’s difficult to see exactly what we are looking at besides the steam.

  15. I like your image when it shows the meaning of the picture which is the cooking scene. The light effection come from the smoke and the pot is really big but you only take a part of the pot. We use the put the object in the middle of the picture and in this situation, we have a wonderful effect when taking the picture from the left side.

  16. I really like the simplicity of the photo where you incorporate a stagnant setting but the light’s interaction with the smoke creates an abstract effect that gives the image a whole new focus. Curious as to what inspired this photo or how you came across the idea to shoot this way.

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