photography, Rollins College

Thomas Wheatley

Thomas Wheatley
ART: 300. Photography II
Digital Prints; 8×11

In this series, focus on this fantasy world that I have made up in my head. I wanted to elaborate more on the unknowing and uncertainty someone can feel when dropped into a place they are unfamiliar with. These images are apart of a series that follow my imagination, which is a made up fantasy world that you can feel and smell when looking at these photographs. Being from the north, I have always been fascinated by the different “seasons” Florida gets compared to up north. The typical Florida whether is an essential role in my work, as I play with water, rainfall, the sunrise and sunsets, and the mist that rises in the morning. All of these natural causes help me express more the magical idea I am trying to portray.

25 thoughts on “Thomas Wheatley”

  1. I love the vivid colors and the weather depiction in these photos. Having the motion blur of the rain and the slight fuzziness from the fog really pushes the “fantasy world” vibe you were going for. It feels as though you’re somewhere in a remote tropical forest, when that’s probably not the case. Nice work.

  2. You captured the scale of this scene well. It would have been easy to make it look small or disproportionate. I like the first image. If the ground was cleaned up a bit it could pass for a footpath that a person could travel.

  3. The lighting in these photos is so “magical” in the way that it balances out all the dark shadows. The way you’ve used a longer shutter to capture the rain is really effective in portraying the calm mood of the plants.

  4. You successfully achieve your theme/concept. You created a scenery so amazing that it feels that you shrink yourself in the size of a insect, kinda like the movie Bug Life. The first picture reminds me when the rain is about to stop and the sun is coming out. I really love the second photo.

  5. I think if you sped up your shutter speed, it would make the rain droplets much sharper. I like the overall color scheme in your photographs but I think that making certain details sharper would improve this picture immensely. It also looks kind of majestical with the lighting you have placed on your image. Very pretty and hope to see more additions in colors!

  6. These are gorgeous photos, and I love your use of light! Did you take these photos in the rain, or were you creating artificial rain? Very cool idea, creating a magical effect within these photos. I wish there was a little more focus on the leaves/plants that are towards the foreground of the image, but the way they blur almost adds to the “magical” environment. Well done.

  7. I love these images. The lighting and way you captured the rainfall is so beautiful. I don’t think I would’ve thought this was a fantasy world, but I did get the feeling that I was very small compared to the surroundings in the photo. The second photo is so beautiful because of its contrast and I feel like I’m looking up for a sign of hope. Beautiful work & wonderful imagination

  8. These images are gorgeous. I love how you captured light differently. The first one gives me a fairy/angelic vibe with the ray of sunlight. The second image is more mysterious and moody. I love the bokeh and how you captured the rain.

  9. I really like these images. I think the aperture and shutter speed settings were used well. The narrow depth of field brings the viewers focus towards the leaves. The slower shutter speed gives a sense of motion to the rain drops that keeps the images interesting. I also really like the hues in each. The first image has warmer hues while the second contrasts this by utilizing cooler colors. The backlighting present in both images is nice; it really allows the rain drops and leaves that are being focused on to stand out. It also produces an almost tunnel-like affect that draws the view deeper into the image. Great set of images!

  10. I think you very effectively achieved your goal of creating a fantasy world. Immediately upon looking at the images, and without having read your description, I felt as if I had shrunk down and was seeing the world from the perspective of an insect. I really like these photographs, especially the second one!

  11. The use of light in these photos is very effective, especially in the way that it shines through the rain and plants. I think the light within the natural setting creates a sense of calmness as well, which is something I love. Also, the lighter areas do not overpower the darker areas too much, making everything feel balanced. The concept behind the photos is really interesting and I think you did a great job in capturing that.

  12. Fantastic use of light in these images to really solidify that fantasy feeling. The vibrant colors and the low angle of the photos add a childlike wonder to them that’s often grouped in with fantasy, and provide a unique perspective on the experience of weather.

  13. These images are so refreshing! I love the vibrancy of the green colors and I am amazed at how well you were able to capture water droplets! I really like how the leaves are in solid focus but the rain is in obvious motion. The sun coming through the leaves is also super lovely.

  14. I love the way the sun shines through in the first photograph. The use of lighting was very effective in capturing your subject. I also love how vibrant green is in these pictures. I also loved how you managed to capture the rain droplets in your photos as well. Overall, your pictures give off this sense of happiness and joy, along with calmness as the sun peeks through on a rainy day.

  15. Based on your own description of your work I think you definitely achieved what you were going for. The colors are super vibrant and go beautifully with the light that is coming through the plants. You also did an amazing job at capturing the rain in a way that works with the photo.

  16. In your pictures I think that your goal of picturing an imagination was portrayed. I like the natural color and how you focus one specific thing in the pictures with a blurred background. Your first picture is my favorite because I love how you captured the light slightly shining through and raindrops.

  17. I love the vivid colors and how vibrant the green is. I also love the way the sun shines through in the first photo, and how you captured the rain. You did an amazing job of capturing the leaves in focus while the rain is in motion.

  18. The lighting in these is incredible. In the first picture, it almost looks like a lit pathway. And the shutter speed you chose makes the length of the raindrops perfect. I also like the short depth of field in the second picture, giving the background a feeling of the unknown. I think you really accomplished your goal!

  19. Really good images you have. I can actually feel the rain drops smashing into the leaves and ground. There is so much movement and activity in the pictures. Also, the vibran colors and the contrasting greens against the rest pops out the main subjects. The vantage point of your choice was a great decision, as it brought a different perspective and a new way at looking at a scene like this one.

  20. Hi Thomas,
    I enjoy the your fantastical photos. I enjoy how you kept the saturated and colorful looks because that’s a characteristic feature in fantasy imagery, in my opinion. In addition to that, I like how sharp and contrasted the images are. While I do like those things, I think the first photo could be a little less blown out to let the colorful leaves pop out more, making the photo look more in tune with the fantasy concept.

  21. Without even reading your summary I knew you were trying to create a fantasy world. The way you play with perspective and framing is really incredible. I love seeing your way of capturing the water!

  22. I like your pictures when you can capture the beautiful moment of the weather. We can see in the first picture, it was really rare that we have. the sunshine during the rainy day. Even though it was a rainy day, she still can capture those trees with the green leave and the angle may. come from the ground. In the second picture, we have less light when the photographer focus more on the trees than the weather.

  23. These images are so striking and I love the vantage point you are using in these photos, it really works well with the fantasy of the images. I love how there is light, even though it is raining, it adds to the fantasy as well.

  24. These photos really do transport you to another world, like you talk about. How you have captured such movement of the rain in a still photo is incredible and makes me feel like I am in the moment there at the forest. Particularly, in the first image the contradicting feel of the sun coming through the trees and the rain falling down is so interesting, giving the images many layers.

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