21 thoughts on “Ly Nomad”

  1. I love the idea that you utilized the glass bottle as a container of colors. The contrasting colors are really beautiful, creating a dreamy and dangerous atmosphere. However, I’m thinking maybe you can try to push further to make the images more flat or abstract like the third image, in which the glass bottle is like floating in the air.

  2. Ly, I think what you’re doing here is really interesting. It’s reading as a color study, but it’s also pushing 3-D objects into appearing flat, or two-dimensional. I agree with Binglun, I’d be curious to see how far you could make the glass bottle appear more abstract, and unrealistic. I love what you’re doing with the background, though, beautiful mix of flourescent colors.

  3. The way that you are able to use the same object and give off three different vibes is awesome! You were able to change the color in each one, and the object continues to pop through each picture. It is a very simple angle but I feel it works great, good job!

  4. I love the way you used color contrast in this series. It was really good to use the spookiness of the colors and add more vibes the different colors that in a way you filled in with the skulls structure. MY favorite is the third one.

  5. This entire series of images is really intriguing, but I like the last image the best. The colors used are very interesting—the dark red and then the bright blue. It’s kind of spooky yet happy at the same time. I like the way the background contrasts from the base color. I also really like how you can see both background colors reflecting in the skull itself. One thing to maybe try is different angles—I think that could turn out really cool.

  6. I love the use of color in this series and how with each photograph it gets pushed further and creates a different feeling. I do agree that it would be interesting to see how far you could take it and what the results might be from that. I think this is a very simple yet effective series.

  7. I really like the monochrome look of the first picture. And the source of light coming from the bottom almost makes the picture look like a negative; it has a really spooky feeling. The third one has a similar feeling since the highlights are coming from below the object. The second one, however, doesn’t seem to fit as well in the series, as it doesn’t have the sharp contrast on the facial features and the picture isn’t taken head-on like the other two.

  8. I really like how you have utilized one object, but have taken very different pictures with different tones and feelings each one. Your use of color is amazing and the use of contrasting, bold colors with the skull makes it really pop. Very interesting!

  9. I like your idea when you put the water into the glass bottle. By doing so, you create a lot of layer for the picture with different colors. In addition, the smiling skull is main object of the picture. After that, you use a different color paper to create the color for the picture. Moreover, your picture is really clear even-though you use a lot of color. Overall, you did a really good job on this creative picture.

  10. I like how you used one object and showed multiple different ways of seeing the same thing, by using different colors in your photos. The use of the lighting and color in these photos adds to the set as a whole.

  11. I really like these photos. The thing that caught my eye initially is the colors used in each photo. They are very vibrant but at the same time induce that kind of retro 90’s aesthetic. For the first and the third photos in this series, I really enjoy the light source under the skull as it produces an ominous look to skull that I really like. You also maintain a strong sense of symmetry in these images as well. The skull is centered in each one and, coupled with the plain background, really causes the viewer to focus on the skull itself. The second photo doesn’t really seem to fit as well to me. I think it comes down to the more even lighting throughout the image that doesn’t allow for the highlights to appear in the skull like they did in the other two images. All around great work though!

  12. My favorite part about your photographs is the different emotions generated through the contrasting colors and positioning of the skull. For me, the middle yellow and green image is more relaxed with the color choice and slightly turned skull, while the top picture appears much more sinister being head on and black and white.

  13. I love the variety of emotions that are generated in each image due to the contrast of colors and positioning of the skull. For me, I get a sense of more relaxation for the middle photograph from the calmer blue and green and slightly of center skull face, while i develop a more sinister vibe from the top picture with the stark black and white and head on position.

  14. Hi,

    I really like how colorful your photos are. Your manipulation of light, color and shadows are really well executed. Well done!

  15. You created something so enthralling with these three photos. I was immediately drawn to the subject and the exciting color contrast. There is almost a psychedelic presence associated with the vivid, glowing colors, resulting in a very interesting effect. I think all of the photos work well as a series and I like how each one appears to be more interesting as you go. Love these!

  16. I like your picture when you use the skull as the main object with different color. You use the contrast effect in those pictures by creating the different layer for the picture when each picture will have at least three colors. Moreover, you put the water into the glass and use different background to create the change in color for each. The third picture can be the best when you can combine the warm and cold tone into one picture.

  17. I love your use of lighting. It changes the vibe of all the photos while still having the same basic concept for each. Only thing I would suggest would be to use a tripod and leave the skull in the same position so you get the same shot every time.

  18. The color schemes in all three photos are very intriguing. The perspective of seeing the skull drinking cup from straight on also offers a somewhat different perspective.

  19. I love that you used the same glass object for all three photos using different colors in each photo. The color schemes are very intriguing. I was immediately drawn to these photos with the exciting subject and color contrasts.

  20. i love the way you use color to vary these images. i’m really drawn to the contrast and colors in the second image, something about the yellow and blue makes the image so pleasing.

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