24 thoughts on “Mariah Watts”

  1. These long exposure shots are great. You did something very interesting with the last one. It is one thing to switch chairs but it appears you did this in one shot which made it turn out great. Color photography is especially interesting when done in a long exposure too. I think you would be able to do some great work with that.

  2. Referring to the 3rd image– I think this image is really interesting. It’s blurry, but I think that can be used to say a lot about the image. It sort of gives off the vibe that someone is sad and/or overwhelmed and they’re watching the world go on around them. The black and white tone of the image helps with this as well. I also like how the streaks of lights from the cars are not perfectly straight. That definitely helps with the overwhelmed tone of the image.

  3. I really appreciate that you added the second image since its a really neat variation on the first with the blue and red. These two sets of photos are really striking and each has their own unique vibe. The symmetry of the building in the background serves to make your subject really stand out. This was a really strong location choice, nice job

  4. These images are really strong and show the uniqueness of images which feature long exposure. In addition to each photo carrying its own individual meaning, the images also work really well grouped together. While each photo is strong in its own way, I personally enjoy the way that you brought out subtle colors in the second image and the chaos within the image.

  5. I really enjoy how you decided to take your series in a long exposure route, it brings movement and life into the photos that you don’t receive with a short exposure. The life in these photos make them that much more interesting! My particular favorite is the last photo because it captures how much can really happen within a few seconds.

  6. These are so captivating, I feel like I could look at these for a really long time and keep seeing new things. I like how dark the pictures are because it makes them seem quite mysterious.

  7. I found these pictures very unique and intriguing. There is some sort of attraction to look deeper into them. Kind of like searching for clarity in the intended blurriness of the images. I’m definitely fixated in the last picture, as the subject is looking into the viewer in so many different angles.

  8. I saw this and thought it was shot on film, which is why I stopped to see how you could have done the multiple exposures. When I saw digital, I was even more impressed on how well you managed to make it seem “vintage.”

  9. I especially like the last photo in this series– you captured every shadow from the movement and also have the ghostly figures at varying depth. It all works together well and looks really nice! I also like the choice to do the third image in black and white, making the lights look even brighter since they aren’t tinted yellow like they would be in color images.

  10. The presence of light in this series is definitely compelling, especially with the long exposure. I also like how you chose to incorporate not only motion but time as well. I think it is interesting how each photo expresses that relationship in a different way. The way you combined color in addition to black and white is great as well. These were done very nicely!

  11. When I looked at these pictures they stood out to me, I think it amazing how you captured movement and light. These pictures are very unique which make them even more interesting. They appear almost 3D to me especially in the second one. Personally the last one is my favorite, the sitting model sitting but she appears in three different spots as a shadow. Its amazing how you captured this and using black and white makes the photographs more a mysterious.

  12. These long exposure shots are fantastic! With each photo having its own meaning, the three of them look great grouped together. I love how the long exposure brings movement and life into these photos! They are so unique and mysterious.

  13. The repetition effect due to the long exposure really creates a unique and eerie sensation. I causes my eyes to travel across the image looking for standout elements. In addition, I like the depth created in the top images from the pattern along the floor and ceiling, it really directs the viewer into the picture.

  14. I like the sense of line that you captured in all these 4 photos. The figures motion under your long exposure shots is fabulous! And the color of black and white made the pictures with high visual texture.

  15. I think this group of work is a very strong body of work. I specifically like the last picture how there is not one subject, but three. It definitely captures your idea of capturing motions with a long exposure. I also like in your third picture that the lines are not perfectly straight even if cars were passing by in straight lines.

  16. These long exposure shots are very fascinating! I love how the long exposure brings life and movement to these photos that you wouldn’t see with a short exposure. I also enjoy the darkness in these photos, making them super mysterious.

  17. I really liked all of your images and they are really strong. I really like the ghost image that you took and i really like that idea,

  18. I really like these photos with my favorite being the last one in the series. They are all interesting and I think the slow shutter speeds really allows for some surreal photos to be taken. The last image is particular interesting as you created sever ghost images in the photo. I enjoy how the one ghost image that lies on one of the rule of thirds lines. This helps draw the viewer attention to that particular part of the image and allows the viewer to see the subject more clearly than in the other ghost images. I also like the use of the pink hues in the background. This lighter color helps accentuate the shadows of each of the ghost images and, I think, makes the image stronger and more fun to look at. The focus is good and I think that this image could help tell a story if present in the right context. Great job!

  19. I really enjoy the mysterious quality you captured in these photographs. I think your concept of capturing light and movement through long exposure was really successful. My favorite is definitely the fourth one, I really like how each image of her is different and slightly distorted in some way.

  20. I really liked the ghost images that you did with long exposure. Especially, the last image that is just amazing, I really tried to do something like that but it never turned out good for me. I really enjoyed your images.

  21. I think these photos are really interesting, I like how you used the long exposure to capture a mysterious feeling within these photos. The last image stands out to most to me because of how you were able to capture the light and the movement in these photos.

  22. All of these images definitely portray the photographer’s goals, which they described in the statement. All the images work really well with artificial light and I love that how the second and fourth image have flares of colored light coming through. I almost wish you had left out the first image, just because it is very similar to the second one just without color. My favorite image from this series is definitely the final scene. The amount of colored light coming through in this and your ability to play with long exposure so successfully is beautiful. The clarity of this image is very impressive, as well, especially because of how challenging that can be when working with both artificial light and long exposure. Fantastic job.

  23. You do a fantastic job of creating motion within these images and I am impressed by clarity that is achieved throughout even though each image is affected by motion blur. Your final image is by far the most intriguing and your long exposure time ends up creating a very dynamic image that is accentuated with the shadows that are created on the backdrop. I also think the parallel between your first and second images is interesting but ultimately I think the second image with the filter is more appealing.

  24. Mariah – these images are very striking. This set makes me want to explore long exposure shots more in my own work. I like the inclusion of both black & white and color images. The last image is beautiful – I love how the three figures are staggered across the shot, playing with depth.

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