11 thoughts on “Rita M. Benissan”

  1. These images are so powerful! They work well together for your The Black Aesthetic series. The models seem very comfortable working with you. In the first two pictures, the popping colors help with the pose and make them seem like making a statement. I also like the subtleness in the third picture that makes it more emotional than the first two. Great work!

  2. I’m really struck by all of these images. the bold colors are a wonderful choice and the posing is really powerful. I can feel the strength and the beauty radiating from these images but in a way that still allows room for vulnerability and humanity. these are truly works of art

  3. These images are truly very inspiring! They all just radiate confidence and strength. I love the bold colors that you used to dress the models. I think they add to the strength and empowering themes of the images.

  4. I really like the use of color in the first two pictures. I also like how in the last two pictures, the background is a little lighter than in the first one. It really helps to bring the models forward, as they just appear to be closer to the viewer, almost including the viewer in the moment as more than just a spectator.

  5. These are beautiful. The pops of color really draw you into the photos and make you want to know more. The models look so powerful and are captured in a very flattering way.

  6. These photos are amazing. Very emotional and powerful set of portraits. I like how you can see that the models are expressing their true and unique aesthetic. Also, I feel that there is a great and methodical use of light in all of the pictures.

  7. These pictures are very interesting to look at! I enjoyed how the models look very powerful and how to me it expresses self confidence. It makes me wonder what they were thinking of when they posed for these pictures. Also, I really like the colors, they all are bright and pop off the page which caught my eye. I like how its a black background pulling attention to the multiple colors and the powerful poses.

  8. I enjoy how powerful these images are. The models aren’t smiling, they are looking straight into the lens, and they really seem to challenge the viewer. Although I understand the photos are named the “Black Aesthetic,” I may lighten the backdrop to more of a gray tone to have the models pop from the space more.

  9. I really like these pictures! Specifically, in the first two, the colors really help accentuate the subjects of the photos. The red and yellow contrasts very well with the dark background and the plain background ensures that the viewer is focused on the models. The pictures follow the rule of thirds pretty well and the soft, diffused lighting provides pleasant photos without the harsh shadows of hard light. This a great series of photos that were well taken. Great job!

  10. I love your subtle editing here! Nothing looks too forced, and the emotions being evoked are so powerful. Great work!

  11. These women are beautiful, they have a beauty that is timeless and represent it well. I enjoy the colors that are vibrant to look at and give even more depth to the role these women play in the photos. The first photo in the red blouse and hair is very impressive and a strong symbol of your work. Very impressive work in capturing their beauty and depth as women.

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