19 thoughts on “Shuang “Janaé” Hu”

  1. I think the objects that you chose somewhat represent Chinese traditional culture, and the green, the red, and the pattern on the teapot bring me a vintage feeling, which really makes the concept stand out. I like the black background, which beautifully embraces the objects and the girl. I would love to read about your statement to know more. However, these images talk to me about struggles between stereotypes and traditions, which I think is a great topic to dive in.

  2. I think this is a very interesting concept. I like the idea of having someone hide their face behind something. The objects you chose are extremely random which make it appealing to me. I feel like these pictures are up for interpretation of you just look at them, which I like, good job!

  3. I really love that you used these vegetable as a prop, it still crazy that they are that huge. I think your first image is very successful because the leaves of the Onion camouflage as leave, I think the second could very interesting if you capture it in a different way

  4. Out of all the photos, I find the first to really stand out. The first photo looks very crisp and has great composition. I also like the use of complementary colors of red and green to give that contrast– the photo looks like it can be used on a magazine cover! Suggestions that would make the photo better, in my opinion, are:

    -Use a darker and richer red lipstick to really have that true complementary pair of red and green. And because it goes with the dark background.
    -Crop the photo from the top to the tallest leaf of the (front) leek because the photo overall has an oddly long length.

    Overall, beautiful work!

  5. The contrast between the green and the red, and the lack of color coming from the background give these photos a bold appearance. Leaving the objects out of focus and focusing on the face of the subject also adds to the theme between all the photos.

  6. I think it is extremely interesting how you used the objects to frame the woman’s face, in an unnatural way. It draws attention to the small portion of face showing, making the image that much more powerful. I also enjoy the objects you used, it makes the audience think and wonder if there is personal meaning behind the props you chose.

  7. I think this is a very interesting concept for composition and theme. To me the first two photographs are the most successful because they’ve been zoomed in which really gives a clear focal point. The last photo feels a little too long and bottom heavy to be an entirely successful composition, but overall I really enjoy these photographs and the open interpretation they provide!

  8. The object you’ve chosen for composed these three pictures are interesting and creative. besides, the simple black background highlight the color of the item, which made the Green scallion and Red tomato distinctive. And I like your idea of made your spotlight the face and eyes. You did a good job!

  9. I like how in the pictures you used depths of field to really draw the viewer to focus on the person being photographed. And that the person is hiding their face in every picture keeps a sense of mystery. I also like how since it a black background it really brings out the different colors especially with the tomatoes.

  10. These photos feel so fresh. I think you did a lovely job of capturing the colors of the vegetables and plants you photographed. I really enjoy your color scheme, especially with the red lip color on your model. I think these photos are very cohesive and beautifully done!

  11. The adjustment of the camera’s aperture to focus in on the eye in the background generates an interesting composition for the viewer. I think this was a creative choice sense most people tend to focus in on what is in the front. In addition, I like that these images were taken with a dark background to draw out natural color and create a somewhat mysterious sensation.

  12. I think, out of all the photos in the series, my favorite is the first one. The colors used are vibrant but not overpowering. I think the composition is what I like most about this photo. I think the use of the plant to hide most of the subjects face provides a sense of mystery to the image. I like how the plant strengthens repetition as well; the plant kind of mimics the facial structure of the subject which helps draw the viewer in. The use of a larger aperture helps this as well as the plants are out of focus while the subjects face is in focus which helps show the viewer where they are meant to pay attention to. Great images!

  13. I really enjoy the color of the images and using foods creating more interest. Allows the viewer to see them differently and the playfulness in just sneak peak through them. Really enjoy these images.

  14. i really enjoy watching your idea of taking pictures. you did really impressing work. the way how you used tomatoes and other small pictures to take your pictures is really good idea.

  15. I like your pictures when you mix the clear and blue object to create the unique for your pics. Moreover, you only use a part of the model face in order to create the mystery. On each picture, we have a different view such as tomato, leave, flower bottle.

  16. I like your picture when you use the different tools to create the mystery for your picture. Moreover, you take the picture with a part of woman face which create the depth for the pictures. The tools can be various such as tomato, leave, flower bottle.

  17. I like that you used foods in the photos as they are not something typically seen and therefore grab your attention. The colors they bring in as bright but not too overpowering and create a contrast between the woman’s face.

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