4 thoughts on “Brenna Petersen”

  1. My favorite image of these is the first – with only a little bit of lighting you have captured the rounded planes in her face making it look more three dimensional. The final image is also nicely done, but I may have changed the position of the hand and taken the smudge off the ring finger. It looks a bit awkward and forced.

  2. These are all so interesting to look at! I love the dramatic lighting in the first one, and how overall the theme flows through each photo. I think the nail polish is the only thing distracting me from fully enjoying the last image but it is still really cool!

  3. I really like how you decided to keep the girl relatively anonymous, whether that be by playing with shadows, or cropping out her eyes entirely. My favorite photos from this series are the first two because even though you can only see half of her face, the emotion in it still clearly shines through.

  4. I think these images are super interesting and I like your use of light. I like the last photo a lot, it is really in your face.

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