12 thoughts on “Kyra Kronberg”

  1. Think you take on the narrative of turning lemons into lemonade is really cool. I like how you’ve left it black and white except for the lemons to really highlight that that is the focus of the image. It’s so simple, but I think you’ve captured it really well, there’s a good balance of tones in all of them.

  2. I like your pictures when we have a grey background in order to highlight the lemon. The first picture gives us a brief idea about the lemon which is the fresh one. At the second one, we see the changing in shape when the lemon was twisted and we see the color of the fingernails as well. In the end, we see the result of the process which is a cup of lemon. The picture is simple but easy to understand. Thank you for sharing.

  3. The stark contrast the colored lemon brings into the picture is very visually interesting. I noticed a strong vignette on the third image and wonder what the other two would look like if you brought that into those images as well.

  4. Hi Kyra,
    I really enjoy these images! I like how well composed, contrasted, and intriguing they are. An issue that bothers me is the cup in last photo being not centered. All the other focal point items are centered but that one. Another suggestion for your photos is to upload your photos with better resolution quality as it doesn’t appear that your photos are out of focus but rather it appears to be a file compression problem? Overall, lovely work!

  5. I love how you kept only the lemon in color, it draws attention to it and creates an aesthetically pleasing scene. I also really like the direction you took your series of watching a lemon get turned into lemonade.

  6. I enjoy how your concept is simple but well executed. Keeping the lemon as the only color in the photo is eye catching and helps guide your eye through the series of photographs.

  7. The yellow and black make a beautiful contrast. I was immediately drawn to these images. The fact that you focused on painting the nails on the hand black as well really works in these images. The yellow is such a beautiful color, not too saturated, not too bright so its very soothing to look at.

  8. I enjoy how you made the backgrounds black and white but left the lemon/lemonade yellow. It provides the photo with great contrast. The lighting on the first picture of the lemon allows the viewer to see a great amount of detail in the peel of the lemon

  9. I think these images work really well together. Typically i’m not a fan of the black and white with a pop of color because it feels too photoshop-y, but I think it works beautifully here. really love the second image.

  10. Interesting thoughts! You series of pictures like a story. And I love you idea of highlighting the color of lemon yellow by using black-and-white background. And good texture of photos.

  11. Very interesting how you portray a process in still life photography in a set of 3 images. The deliberation of the lack of color but yellow is a great way to center the purpose of the image and give it a pop. It is very creative what you were trying to do. I look forward and see more photos of you.

  12. I love these three pictures! I love the black and white background because it highlights the yellow so much. Also, the texture of all three pictures is so clear and detailed, and it also shows how different the three textures of each picture is.

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