6 thoughts on “William Donohue”

  1. I really liked your images and idea of turning them to black and white was really good. However, I would crop the poles 3er image and crop out sign pole from the background so it would not distract viewers eyes.

  2. I think the black and white in these images gives them a sense of timelessness. I think that your use of vantage point in the third photo makes it incredibly interesting. Overall, they are very aesthetically pleasing photos that work well together.

  3. Really love the first and third images. I think your subjects combined with the black and white makes them feel timeless.

  4. The black and white really works with these images. It really keeps the focus on the different textures and composition. I just wish that you could have angled up the camera a little more for the space ontop of the building to have more room to breathe.

  5. Hi William,
    I really enjoy your first and third photos!! The centered focal point and symmetry is really satisfying to look at. I also enjoy the contrast of the black and whites and how they melt into the mid-tones. While I think your second and last photo to be interesting, I don’t think the composition and subject of the photo is as interesting as the other two. Overall, nice job!

  6. When I think of images being in black and white, this is what I picture. These are so timeless and stunning, I get a real sense of the place in each photo. I find the bridge one to be absolutely stunning and I keep going back to it, really awesome job with these.

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