4 thoughts on “Alyssa Rawski”

  1. It is interesting to consider what a playground is like in the winter, especially because it feels so empty. I think the first image with the slide is well composed and the blue is so striking against the white snow. I think the one with the horse could be made stronger if the building in the back left was cropped out.

  2. I really really enjoy the varieties of angels you have in all of these photographs. The colors and the lack of people add onto the vibe winter has but the colors are perfectly vivid and bright almost allowing the photographs to be not as sad. The picture of the slide is my favorite not only because of its composition but the subject itself is very familiar and nostalgic. Great job (:

  3. These photos portray a feeling of emptiness to me because playgrounds are relatively desolate during the wintertime. Capturing the playground in this mood is very different from the normal photos of playgrounds. I enjoy the picture of the slide very much because of the different perspective it offers.

  4. This is a really nice series of images. I particularly enjoy the second image the most. I think the large depth of field really adds a lot to this image as the detail in the fence and trees can be seen. I really think the composition in this image is very strong as the subject of the photo (the horse thing) is placed near the rule of thirds lines. I love how empty this picture feels, which echos how playgrounds actually are in the middle of winter.

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