11 thoughts on “Amanda Zhang”

  1. I love these pictures because the have a huge narrative. I also really like how all the photos are in black and white which give it more of a dramatic affect. The first picture is my favorite because I question what the model is looking at outside and I really like how around the window is unseen.

  2. I love these portraits! The detail in the architecture you captured in the second image is really well done and to print these in black and white was a really good choice. It allows the forms and lines to pop in the photos. If I changed anything, I would switch the focus from the light fixture to the woman in the third image. It seems the light is in focus but the lady is not, and the light is already a bright point in the image.

  3. I really love these portraits because there are many different stories and ways that you can read them. The first picture is my favorite. I love the contrast between the black room and the blown-out window. The subject feels very alone. I think you do a great job conveying emotion in your photos.

  4. I love that you chose to do these photos in black and white. I think it helps highlight some of the details of the architecture. I also think the natural lines of the buildings helps the eye flow across the photo. One suggestion I would have is for the image of the woman in front of the window. I think an angle showing a side profile closer up may have allowed us to see more of her expression. Overall, nice job!

  5. I like your picture when you use the black and white background the highlight the objects. In addition, you use the black background and add the small light to show objects. In the last two picture, you pick a different angle to create a different feeling to the viewer which is really cool and creative.

  6. I like how you captured the beauty of the buildings along with the portrait, I think it really makes your photos stand out.

  7. I liked your images, but I would say you can crop the bottom white part from the first image and the 3rd image can have more focus.

  8. These are great portraits. You have a good contrast and strong blacks and whites in each of your prints. I love the contrast of the white marble to the subjects darker clothes, it makes the subject stand out in the image. The first picture is also a very interesting silhouette. I like how much negative space is in the image, while adding a little information because it is a very small window.

  9. These photos are super cool. In the second image specifically, I enjoy the upward angle the image was shot in as well as the long depth of field. These two elements work really well to give the viewer plenty to look at. The upwards angle is super empowering and the elaborate architecture that is present behind the subject adds to the larger-than-life vibe I get from this image. I also really enjoy the contrast and sharpness of the image. These elements really help the detail in the architecture stand out. Great image!

  10. I think these pictures all took from a great angle, made space looks splendid. I like how you made your model interact with the background, it made the photo have a strong narrative feeling. Good job

  11. I love the angles that these pictures were taken at. The pictures being in black and white really help set a mood to these pictures. It gives it more of a dramatic affect. If anything though, I just wish that in the last photo that the photo was more clear and in focus.

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