8 thoughts on “Amanda Zhang”

  1. I really liked the angle of taking the 2nd image, but however, I think you could just reduce the negative space from a 1st image. I think that would attract more to the viewers.

  2. Very unique use of vantage point in your images. The angle of both pictures works pretty well. I like that in the first picture, the reflection from the water on the ground is so clear in concise. However, the second picture feels a little bit unbalanced. I think that it would have worked better bringing Union South more to the left.

  3. I really like these photos, I think the black and white was a good choice and I enjoy how the photos focus on the negative space but also capture the surroundings.

  4. These are both equally interesting images. I love the negative space in both of the images. The first image definitely draws your eye right to the subject because of the lines in the image. I also like how one of your subjects is reflected in the water in the image, it’s kind of a trick of the mind. I also really enjoy how you got a cloud in your second image. Normally the sky is really blown out in black and white images, but you got a very clear sky in this image!

  5. I really like the first image out of the two. In the image, you managed to capture a crisp and clear reflection in the puddles on the sidewalk which produces a very neat effect. I also enjoy the timeless feel of this image that is created by the presence of the older looking buildings in the background. This combined with the grain of the image makes it feel that this picture could have been taken 30 years ago or yesterday. I also enjoy the midtones in this image as they really allowed you to capture a lot of detail when paired with the long depth of field. Finally, I like how managed to get the right exposure for the sky. If the sky was blown out, I think the image would be a lot less appealing with a lot of white negative space at the top. These are great pictures. Good job!

  6. I really like how in the second photo the negative space of the sky is present but also filled by the cloud which adds depth to the photo. I think the same affect would have been interesting in the first photo, using the reflection of the water to create depth. Reflections can feel like a glimpse into something and I find it very interesting that the figures shadow is reflected in the puddle. I think it could be interesting to see additional images playing around with that concept.

  7. These photos are so meaningful for those who truly understand the seasonality in Madison. The first image is stellar. It is so clear and precise and creates some sort of meaning and illusion with the reflection of the water. The puddle, in this scenario, can lead to so many stories and provoke much thought for each individual viewer. The second image is one that I enjoy because of its unique perspective. Although it is rather simple, the two images go together representing climate, change and new beginnings.

  8. I like your use of empty spaces in your photographs. In the first photo, it is the pavement, in the second photo it is the sky. I think it would make a very compelling series if you continue finding these abstract shapes containing negative space. You may want to look into Hans Arp who is a sculptor and printmaker. Your work reminds me of his spatial arrangement.

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