8 thoughts on “Charmy Patel”

  1. I really like the unique composition of all of these photos. There are all taken a bit differently than you would expect them to be taken. The final photo is so crisp, it looks great! The first photo is SO dynamic! It really draws me into the photo.

  2. I think these photos are really nice as individuals! My favorite is the upwards perspective shot of the tower, its something that is different from basic shots of architecture. I would suggest some light editing to really make your photos pop.

  3. These are all very different which makes it hard to see them as a group, but individually I do think they are all nice photos. I would keep an eye out for composition in the photos, in the second one (which is still my favorite of the bunch) although the top looks centered, the pole is not which is something I would try to fix personally.

  4. I really enjoy the colors in your light drawing picture. I am curious how you got the lines to be the same for every color. You have very strong colors in contrast to a vey dull sky, which works very well and makes your subject stand out. You also have a very different and unique perspective for you images.

  5. These images are really interesting! The image that caught my eye initially was the first image with the light painting. The thing that grabbed my attention immediately was the use of several vibrant colors, more or less, being drawn in the same patterns. I enjoy how the different colors are layered on top of each other how that creates a sense of depth to the image despite there being nothing else in the photo. I think the fact that all the colors are not the same density in the image also contributes to this. You have very vibrant, distinct colors which makes for a very fun image to look at. Great job!

  6. I like your pictures when you have a really cool lighting effect. On the second pics, you take the photo from the ground in order to create the depth for the picture. On the last two, we can see that you take the picture from the lower point. If possible, I think you can focus on the main object so the picture will be easy to see.

  7. These photos are really striking. I think the first two are my favorites: the first one because it’s very busy, drawing you in. The second image has bold colors and the bottom of the tower pulls your eyes up and to the top of the tower in the center of the frame.

  8. You have a very interesting eye when it comes to perspective and angle in your images. That second image especially has so much quirkiness to it. I agree with some other comments saying that it is hard to tell how these images fit together. They all have very different themes, colors scemes, and aesthetics. I would be interesting to know the reasoning being them being put together.

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