8 thoughts on “Erika Bernabei”

  1. I like your consistency in style and think each image works to capture motion. I am also interested in the use of circular shapes in these images because it ties them together. The image with the ladder is very strong and aesthetically pleasing.

  2. These images are very intriguing, I look at them and want to know the story behind them. I am particularly interested in the ones with the ball/ladder but I also think the motion captured in the domino one is amazing. These are really cool and thought provoking.

  3. I like how all your photos capture motion in different ways. I am especially drawn to the picture of the dominoes. It creates a great narrative through the anticipation of what is going to happen to the dominoes that aren’t moving.

  4. I find these images interesting, particularly the second one with the ladder and the ball falling. I like the use of warm tones in this image to complement the wood of the ladder as well as the red ball. The warm tones produced a very relaxed and laid back feeling to the image. I also enjoy the very simplistic background as it allows the viewer to solely focus on the ball and ladder. If the background was more complicated, I think it would be too distracting to really notice the falling ball, especially with the fast shutter speed you utilized to stop the motion of the ball. Another thing I like is how you used the ladder to effectively frame the ball. The structure of the ladder keeps me locked in on the seemingly levitating ball and doesn’t let my eye wander too far away. Overall really great work!

  5. I like the first three images together, as they all give me a feeling of childhood and games, but I’m not sure how the last image fits in. I especially like the domino photo. Between the motion and the short depth of field, there is a very small focal area. I really like the dominos that are in motion, however, as it adds another layer of depth to this photo.

  6. I really enjoy how there’s a sense of motion in all of these photographs. Capturing the feeling of motion isn’t always the easiest and there’s an aspect of anticipation for each of these that really add to the feeling and cohesiveness of the photos.

  7. I really like these experimentations with movement and exposure time! The image of the dominos is particularly interesting, I like the softer lighting and subtle highlights on the pieces, and the blurred motion leads your eye deeper into the composition. The image of the ladder and ball is also very cool; the collective reds of both objects contrast with the complete blackness of the background and pop out at the viewer. I can imagine the amount of effort and commitment that went into each of these set ups, great images!

  8. It is a feeling of harmony I can feel from your images. I saw patterns, as well as chaos that coexist. I really enjoyed the motion and stillness presented in your first image and the lighting of it is just perfect. It is just like a stage light that is shining on both the ball and the hand. It is also interesting that this image creates an effect that makes me wonder if it is the hand released the ball or is the ball bouncing toward the hand. All of your images are visually appealing as they are so well composed.

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