20 thoughts on “Erin Paschke”

  1. Hi Erin,
    I really love your last two images!!! I love animals in general but your photos are really beautiful. From the composition, the colors, the contrast, it’s wonderful. The only suggestion I have for all of your photos is to focus your images more and save your photos/compress them in the highest quality for online upload. Overall, nice job.

  2. I love the underwater feel that all of these images have. I am really impressed how you were able to create that feeling using lights only for the first two images. I think these photos go together so nicely. You did a great job!

  3. These are so cool! Your images are so eye catching and make me feel as though I am in an underwater wonderland. I really enjoy how you took advantage of the interesting lights where you were too, this really brings each photo together.

  4. The way you used light in these photos is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you took it in different directions from light painting to capturing natural, it brought the series together really well!

  5. I particularly like the last two photos. Red color jellyfish compare with dark blue water, gave a strong comparison. The last photo took in an awesome angle! Everything is in the right position made this photo looks harmony and alive.

  6. I really love your pictures because they all have pops of color! The drawing with light is very cool and it looks like rain coming down around the model. The last picture is my favorite, it looks like you were in the ocean taking the picture, and I love the light shining through a bit on the top!

  7. Last image is really phenomenal. The composition and lighting make it feel like you’re truly underwater with the animals. Looks like a screen shot from Planet Earth, really.

  8. Last image is really phenomenal. The composition and use of lighting makes it really feel like you’re actually underwater. Looks like a screenshot from Planet Earth, really.

  9. These shots are amazing! I like how you managed to incorporate jellyfish-like elements in your portraits so these photos really flow as a set. Your last shot is probably my favorite just because of how abstract it is. I love your editing!

  10. I think the way you used light in each of these images is really well done! I love how they all have a similar tone and mood to them. The image with the Jellyfish is my favorite, I really love how the color in that one stands out against the blue tones of the other images

  11. Your series of images looks really cool! The curve draw in the first two pictures is really beautiful and great combined with the figures. The other two pictures of marine animal which also got a good use of light and brilliant color contrast and detail depict!

  12. The curve of lights in the first two pictures are very beautiful and excellently combined with the figures. The last two of marine animals also took a good use of lights and also perfect color contrast and detail depict.

  13. The last image of the four is completely amazing. The way you managed to capture the rays of light filtering down from the surface and the vibrance of the colors really brings this image to life. It really feels like I am in the water with that shark. The long depth of field was a really good choice for this image as it allowed you to capture textures in the water and it also created a sense of sinking further down into the water. I also like how the shark acts as a hard border; it keeps your eyes focusing toward the light trickling down from above. This is an amazing image. Great job!

  14. I like your pictures when you show the lighting effect but we still can see the people face. On the third picture, we can see the jellyfish by having the red lighting effect. The last picture we have the lighting effect in the middle, on the side we can see the fish is swimming around.

  15. The color in these photos is incredible. I love how the lights you use in the first two photos give it the same underwater feeling as the two with the sea creatures. The lighting in these is really strong in these, and the fact that each one is so different makes these work together very well.

  16. The last two images in this series really struck me because they appear to be taken in a different world entirely. I specifically love the perspective shot from below and the way the outline of the shark trails from one end of the image to the other. The rays of sunlight show depth, so I was able to orient myself in the scene yet I cannot tell if this was taken on an underwater expedition or at an aquarium. The kind of images that leave you wanting to know more are the best.

  17. These are absolutely stunning! I particularly love the jellyfish and shark one—the colors are amazing, and the perspective of the shark really adds to the image. I also really enjoy the lighting, as it really emphasizes the perspective and enhances the underwater element.

  18. Hi Erin, I really love how you play with lights and colors to create marvelous photographies. I feel that you have a great understanding in how to utilize effects in your pictures to create alternative worlds and provoke intriguing emotions.

  19. The use of blue in all your images creates a nice way to connect them to each other even though they are in different locations it seems. I like the sense of movement in these; the curve of the shark’s tail and water ripples/bubbles in the last image gives you the impression that they are shimmering and in constant subtle motion. I like that you included the jellyfish photo as well, the red-ish pink glowing color contrasts so well with the cool blues around it, and it definitely stands out when theses images are grouped together. Nice job!

  20. I think your series of photos are absolutely amazing. Your sequencing of the four photos also worked very well that their tones match as well as establishes an internal link between the ocean and people. I think in particular the last two images are outstanding. The unique and perspective, composition and color of them are all visually appealing.

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