2 thoughts on “Kennedy Spang”

  1. Out of all these pictures, the one I am most drawn to is definitely the fourth one. First of all, your colors are very vibrant and pleasing to look at. I enjoy the purple tones you have more in the background to contrast the bright yellow and orange of the foreground. I think the short depth of field was a good choice for this image as it allows the viewer to focus in on one or two specific objects in the image rather than be overwhelmed by the all of them at once. I enjoy a lot of the textures that you made visible in this region especially on what appears to be styrofoam behind the objects. It adds more to the photo and due to the detail you captured in the focused area, my eye naturally moves to that area and stays there. You did an excellent job using your aperture to control where you wanted your viewers to look. Good job!

  2. I love the varied colors and themes you have presented here! The silhouette is especially pleasing to the eye. The only advice I have is to edit your portrait with the cup to have a bit more contrast.

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