4 thoughts on “Megan Hardesty”

  1. I like how the second picture uses a natural frame to focus on the subject. The first picture is unique because it offers a common view from a different perspective

  2. Hi Megan,
    I really enjoy your second photo! The long depth of field is so nicely focused and crisp! The only suggestion I have for that photo is to crop the right side a bit. I think you chose a perfect day and time taking these photos–beautiful.

  3. I think the framing of the second image is really interesting. I think you do a great job using perspective/ vantage point in your photos.

  4. These photos all have great composition. The only one I would change is the one with the circle. On the right side, you can see the beginning of another circle, and I think it would strengthen the image if that was cropped out. It looks like every image is taken in the same location, and seeing many different perspectives of it is very interesting. I love the color of the sky in the first image and would like to see the sky brought out in a similar way with the other two pictures. Overall, these are very good images!

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