10 thoughts on “Michelle Wexler”

  1. I think these pictures really give an idea of the cat’s personality. I love the strong green tones in the first picture juxtaposed with the red tones in the second. I wonder if there are more ways you can use color to your advantage in these. I also enjoy the short depth of field in the second and third pictures as it adds an interesting perspective to both of them. These are great work

  2. I love your photos! Your cat is precious and I think you did a great job of capturing his behavior and personality. I really like your usage of a short depth of field making these beautiful portraits. I especially love the framing of the last one!

  3. I love how playful these photos are. You capture different emotions in each photo and I love how you seem to get different “faces” of the cat. The first photo is strong. It is composed well and is very detailed. I love how the greens in the fabric match the cat’s eye.

  4. These photos are very strong. I enjoy your use of apertures because it really gives the images an interesting point of view. Great work!

  5. These photos are absolutely adorable! They express such a fun and playful mood and I would love to see what other settings you could photograph your cat in. The third photo is my favorite. I love how the cat is perfectly in focus, contrasting with the out of focus background.

  6. Your cat looks so mischievous with the shots you got! I love how the cat is not the subject in every shot but manages to get the attention of the viewer anyways. Great use of depth of field!

  7. I really enjoy these pictures. Each one gives a distinct aspect of the cat’s personality. Out of all 4, I think my favorite is the second one. I think it is an interesting idea that the cat is out of focus while the top is in focus due to the shallow depth of field. I also enjoy how you utilized a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the top and also the cat. It really feels like you captured the moment before the cat goes to play with the top. Also, the vibrant colors and warm tones really work to add a homely feeling to the image. Great work!

  8. I really like this series of photos! You catch the movement moment for the cat to make these pictures has an active and interesting vibe. I particularly love the first and second picture since the color is vivid and the cat looks like staring something carefully. Overall great job!

  9. As I was looking through the photos on this website your pictures immediately caught my eye. I love how much personality is captured in just a few photos. I think that pictures of animals can sometimes feel less like an intimate portrait of that individual and more of a documentation of that group as a whole. The individual is lost, but I think you did a great job of bringing out the personality and drawing the viewer in.

  10. : I like the shot angles you take as it parallel with the perspective of the cat in the first three shots in the series. The angle is visually interesting and really allows the viewers to observe the characteristics of the cat as well. In addition, I think you catch the gaze of the cat well in the series. The impression of curiosity, contemplation, aggressiveness all presented well when you are capturing his/hers gaze. Last but not least, I like the way you create a deep staging in some of your works which create a visual dynamic.

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