16 thoughts on “Morgan Ruelle”

  1. Your use of color in these, especially the last three, is very eye-catching. The second one, however, doesn’t fit in as well in the series as it doesn’t have the deep black background the other three have. It is, however, still a great picture. The composition in all of these is very pleasing. Great work!

  2. Hi Morgan,
    I like your use of light painting in these photos. I like how contrasted the background is to the subject and appreciate the composition of them. The only suggestion I have is to focus your photos more as it looks blurry.

  3. I love your usage of color and lights! I think they way they play together is really creative. I am really impressed with your combination of different colors and colored lights coupled with light drawings.

  4. The use of color in these photos is very interesting! I love how your light painting lights the scene up and highlights the subjects in an interesting way. My personal favorite is the one with the plastic balls, since it is just super fun and colorful.

  5. Your use of light and contrast is really strong. I think that the black background makes your images pop well, and was a great choice. I really enjoy the image of the glasses. It has great composition and the light painting adds so much movement to the photo. I do agree that it doesn’t fit in with the others because of the background, but it is a great photo on its own!

  6. I really like how you used the color lighting to show your model and subject. I particularly like the first and second picture, the yellow and green light make this series photo looks mystery and fun. Using the whole black background is a great idea, made the model stand out. Good job!

  7. All of these images are so different but you can automatically tell that they were taken by the same person. The high contrast in all of them works and I am taken away. My favorite photo is the second one. The way you were able to light paint with the glasses and not make the light warp is beautiful. Great job.

  8. These are awesome! The colors really pop and it was a great choice to have your model wear all black clothing so that they did not take away from the image or be distracting. The second photo is my favorite, you did a great job composing the image. I really like the way that the neon light peaks through the glasses.

  9. Your use of light and shadows here is amazing! I get a Harry Potter vibe from your photos, I don’t know if that was your intention but its cool nonetheless. I can tell you put time and effort in your editing, good job!

  10. All of these images have such interesting things going on in them. I really enjoy how the light is used in all of them to highlight different aspects of the composition. I think the light trails are really well captured and do a great job of lighting up different parts of the image.

  11. I really irk your pictures and how you captured light drawing and movement. I like how you used different color lighting while keeping the person in the dark still to keep the mystery. My favorite image you took is the 2nd one I like the drawing with light but I also really like how that creates a shadow of the glasses on the wall behind it.

  12. I love your use of light painting in this series! I also really enjoy the high contrast in all of them. Very unique and fun. Great job!

  13. I love these images. They all are very cohesive but are very strong on their own. I particularly like the way you lighted the image of the glasses, the green color is a good contrast to the colors of the liquid in the glasses.

  14. These pictures are awesome! They caught my eye immediately because of the stark contrast you have in the photos between the vibrant colors and the black background. It’s really cool how I can tell the same person took every photo in the series even if I see them all together. I feel that the second photo doesn’t seem to fit with the other three though; the other three images all contain the same subject just photographed differently. The second image seems to move away from that to the glasses which don’t seem to be connected in any way to the other images. I do like how the light drawing in the first image moves into the image of the glasses but how both things are connected is still mysterious to me. My favorite image, however, is the first one. The red and green tones make a unique pairing that is pleasing to see and the way your subject is posed makes them seem like an important, courageous individual. Great work!

  15. This is a very impressive use of light incorporate into portrait photography. From the quality of your images, it shows that the main subject of the remains in focus and really sharp despite the low light environment with variable shutter speed. The light trail really helps to bring out the subject more by providing direct lighting towards the face/object. In the end, it is a very pleasing set of images to look at. Good job!

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