7 thoughts on “Ryan Ziegler”

  1. The third image is amazing. The colors, the design, everything about it is stunning. I just wish you could have photoshopped out the window on the top left corner. Blue and yellow are beautiful contrasting colors and the empty space also compliments the image. The blue light in the second photo is also very beautiful.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Your light painting photos are really cool! I enjoy the first three a lot because of the abstractness and colors. The only thing that bothers me is the green light spot in the second photo and the window in the third photo. Overall, your photos are really nice in content and quality.

  3. I really like your pictures, the drawing with light is cool, but I really like how you actually got a solid picture from it like writing your name. Your first picture is my favorite because it looks like a multicolored honey comb.

  4. I like your picture when the lighting effect is really cool. For the first one, we can see the lighting is small at the beginning and increase the size in the middle then come back to the normal size at the end. For the second picture, you also mix two colors which are white and blue to create the objects for the picture. For the third one, you did really well when you can mix these colors and create a unique light for the picture.

  5. These images are so cool! I enjoy experimenting with light and think that it brings another element to your work in terms of design. Each is so aesthetically pleasing and I know required a lot of work with shutter speeds and lighting technique. The color is so strong here which provides the viewer with so much to look at and think about. I truly enjoy images in which the stories and thoughts can be created differently by each individual viewer.

  6. I personally really like light paintings so I love these photos! I think the colors you used are really good and complement each other well. I also really enjoy the continuity of the colors throughout your posts! They make the photos feel coherent even though there are different shapes. The one thing I wish you had done is photoshop out the light flares in the bottom left corner in the second photo. They were a little distracting.

  7. These are so electric. The use of light to create a photograph on a black background is a cool technique and conveys some strong emotions with the colors and lines. The third photograph is my favorite one because the way the lines move is unique and whimsical. I am also impressed with how you were able to match up multiple colors of light in the same line shapes, it makes me wonder what the process for making these photos was.

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