photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Genevieve Capolongo

Genevieve Capolongo
Art 376: Film Photography
Silver prints; 8×10
Series of 15 images

Statement: In this series of images, I aimed to critique peoples critique on how nude pictures are “sexual.” The words start as very derogatory words and move toward empowering words because people should own their nudity.

13 thoughts on “Genevieve Capolongo”

  1. This is so cool! I really enjoyed taking a look at your photos. Manipulation of film photos is something that is very interesting to me too! My favorite detail in the tape, I’ve done this on a project too. I love how the images feel sort of soft even though they have good contrast to them. I also like the way that these were composed so that there was not a face in them.

  2. This set of black and white film photographies are so inspiring. The way you aggregate text into the pictures makes your work take another level. Your critique towards sexuality and what does that implies (socially) and how is set up above the photos makes it look as if your are setting up another interpretation for the pictures.

  3. I think that the message of your work is very engaging. You do a great job of making your intent clear in your pictures. I also love how you added your words to the images, it really playing into the “labeling” because it looks like tape. I would love to see this project continues with different people- the contrast of various bodies could make the project really interesting! The only critique I have would be to make sure the words don’t get lost in the white parts of the image. In the second image, every letter is clear because it is placed on a dark part of the image, however, some of the letters get a bit lost in the first and last image.

  4. Hi, Genevieve!! First off, I just wanna remind you that I love your work. Second, some small improvements on these prints would be to burn the bottom (and left arm) of the first print a little more and the lower left corner in the last print. Furthermore, to remove the white splotch in the second print located on the left shoulder. And, to crop off the sliver of black print on in the last print. Overall, great work Genevieve!!

  5. I have a huge appreciation for your goal. The body is beautiful, and nude pictures have the potential to showcase raw, human beauty in its simplest form.

  6. Those images are all very interesting and bold. People’s critiques were transformed into “labels” that were usually being placed on others. However, those labels are not permanent, rather removable. All three images compose a complete story about the process of dealing with those labels. The whole series is also encouraging people to be who they want to be in this world.

  7. The overall message and intention behind this set of images is very strong but also very evident in your project as a whole. Every image fits together perfectly and they each work towards the overall purpose of the set of images. Although there is some burning that could be done on the more bright corners of the images, I overall think they are stunning. Your images have really great contrast, and the framing/positioning of the body is done in a way which makes sense in the project as a whole, but also with their thoughtfully picked out words.

  8. I’m a huge fan of portrait photography and photography that utilizes the body, and I think that you really meld the use of the body with the use of words over it. It is interesting to me how you used tape and presumably marker to create the marks and words on the image: I hadn’t thought of utilizing outside materials to create edits during the actual process of creating the prints. In addition, the message of your prints are inspiring and thought provoking, and I’m glad to see a student not shy away from more difficult or “taboo” subjects (although it shouldn’t be taboo at all, as your message says!) I would love to see a stronger contrast between the words and the bodies, of the first and third photos, but maybe the closeness of the words to the skin tones were intentional. Very good series, excellent message.

  9. I think the message you are trying to get across with this set of images is very important. Representing the nude body has been a common theme since the very beginning of art and there is a difference between an artist’s representation and a sexual representation. I like your use of tape over the images to create more depth within the image. I also think the text gives the viewer a good sense of context and it is a very powerful way to convey your message.

  10. I love the meaning behind your images, they are put together very well. I like how you placed the words, it’s very strong content. Your photos are very bright and that could be fixed to create more detail in your photos, but overall your work is creative and powerful.

  11. I think this series subject matter is very interesting and has a good message. I like that you used a variety of body types pictured. The range of tones in this series is really good and you did a good job getting your darks very dark in contract with the bright background. I also really like the way you posed your models because it reflects the media poses uses on covers and furthers your commentary on the topic well.

  12. The intention of the series is really interesting. I enjoy the underlying message that people should be allowed to feel both comfortable and confident in themselves without the “sexy” connotation attached. I think the use of layering in terms of the text makes this series come full circle in meaning.

  13. I really enjoyed the way that you used the text in these photos, I have always been a fan of text incorporated in the art, and the ghostly impressions of the tape make it even better. I also think that these really benefit from being in B&W This along with the very inspiring social message makes for some really awesome photos!

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