4 thoughts on “Alexis Auman”

  1. Hi Alexis, your portraits are beautiful. My favorite image is of the girl in the mirror. I love how you can see the details of both her face and her back/hair. The mirror creates a dynamic photo! Additionally, your images are crafted with the perfect amount of contrast. Specifically, your last image of the woman dancing has a great amount of contrast. The backlit figure is hidden by the deep black tones – it creates a mysterious yet fun image. I like the shadows you captured too. This image must have been challenging to develop, but it turned out great. Good work!

  2. You’ve done well with capturing people in their element. I really like them all but there is something more about the woman in the mirror. I like how we can see the side of her head as she looks into the mirror. I also like how she is blurred, but in the mirror you can see the details in her face. I also like the third image because the person is all dark and it’s almost like a dancing silhouette especially because the background is all bright with it.

  3. Alexis – I love the personality radiating through these images. This set is wonderful because it is clear that each person is being their authentic selves. In the last image especially, there is a sense of movement and freeness. I love the circular seat amongst the straight lines of the windows and apartments.

  4. Hi! These three portraits are really good work. But they are all different overall. I like the first one with the soft light from the lamp and the use of mirror as an extent of the space in your picture. I also like the last one. The person in dark and the bright natural light outside background create a very strong contrast.

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