photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Brad Pierstorff

These images were acquired using the Scannx, Inc. Book ScanCenter.
These images were acquired using the Scannx, Inc. Book ScanCenter.
These images were acquired using the Scannx, Inc. Book ScanCenter.
These images were acquired using the Scannx, Inc. Book ScanCenter.

Brad Pierstorff
Art 376: Photography
Silver Print
Images’ Sizes: 10×8 inches
20 images in the whole series 4 that I am uploading.

Statement: The idea for these images was that I wanted to shoot pictures that incorporated metal song lyrics within them or that were inspired by these metal songs. Each image is influenced by the lyrics themselves to tie everything together.

8 thoughts on “Brad Pierstorff”

  1. These are so interesting to look at, great job! I love the deep black parts of these photos. It makes them feel much edgier, which fits the vibe of the metal song lyrics. I think that the second image is the most powerful and you did a really good job composing the image. I would love to see more of these.

  2. I really enjoy your choice to write the song lyrics/ title on the images. I would just be careful with writing white on black- it is hard the read the first image. I think you do a great job of story telling in your images. The tone and contrast you choose all fit really well and make this dark and heavy feel. I think this was an intense top and that you handled and executed it well!

  3. Your photos are cold, but in a good way for how the photos are probably supposed to look and feel. They really get across the message you were going for well. The black and whiteness of the photos also helps to convey the dark and cold feeling of death.

  4. I like those great contrasts presented in those images and also how the photographer conceptualize those lyrics into actual visuals. Those images are also very bold in terms of the ideas that the photographer wanted to convey. I also like those dead space that is presented in the images.

  5. Song lyrics and photography I’ve always thought go hand in hand, and I enjoy that you were inspired to take these photographs based off of song lyrics. My knowledge of metal music mostly begins and ends with Nightwish, but regardless the blend of these lyrics and photos really resonate with me and evoke an emotional response. Your use of heavy contrasts in each photo really helps as well, as it creates an overall dark palette which goes well with the heaviness of the lyrics. I think there is some detailing that is lost in the second picture that might have been nice to draw out, but regardless the series is all very cohesive and well done! Great job!

  6. This set of images is very creative and is portrayed in a way that I have not seen in photography yet. Every image seems to tell a story and these stories are made clear through the unique titles. Your contrast is incredible and you do a great job of capturing the darkest darks and whitest whites. I enjoy how intentional everything feels about these images. I can tell you really put a lot of thought into each one which always makes a set of images better!

  7. Hi Brad!
    I personally love high contrast photos and yours in particular stood out to be because of the whole thought behind your images. I think you portrayed the song lyrics really well and though I am not very well versed with metal music, your pictures do give be a very metal vibe. I also liked how you wrote on top of your prints which brought your pictures to a whole new level.

  8. It’s eerie and amusing. Black and white does all of the photos justice. I’m not a frequent listener to the genre of Metal music, however, with these photos it feels as if it’s speaking to me in a different way. There’s pain involved and that’s all we really need to know to understand one another.

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