7 thoughts on “Claire Embil”

  1. I absolutely adore these, especially the intimate interaction caught on the teacup ride. As someone who visits Disney every year, I know the struggle between the manufactured joy and pure joy. I think you captured pure joy very well.

  2. Walt Disney World is one of my favorite places and I appreciate seeing photos of it that look more raw and real. The teacup photo is really cool. I like how the teacups are slanted to make them look even more daunting. I like that there are many subjects to look at and take in. I am impressed you were able to get the lighting down so well, those rides are hard to photograph because they can be so dark inside, nice job!

  3. It is true that some of the fantasies I have as a child are from “the magic of Walt Disney.” Somehow I think I still appreciate those fantasies and good memories associated with them. For a grown-up adult, after realizing fantasies are not real and are manufactured, they will still go visit DisneyLand, to recall and remember the most basic happiness in this fast-paced world. I like your ideas behind these images.

  4. I think it’s interesting to use candid photography to capture the real emotions and excitement of something that is generally so publicized and advertised. The feeling of carousels at night is something that makes me very reminiscent, and the overall darkness of the photo with the brightly lit carousel and the lit up Disney castle in the background tells the location and really makes the viewer focus on the overall feeling that the theme park invokes. In the second photo, the smiling faces of both couples and friends alike show the joy of spending time with loved ones. Overall I’d love to see more photos from a series like this that show the non-staged feelings of patrons of such a largely commercial company. Very well done!

  5. I think these images capture Disney World in a unique and almost foreboding way which is mainly due the darkness of each image. Disney World is known for being a happy, bright, and colorful place and portraying it in black and white makes the viewer see it in a new light. I especially like your first image and think you did a great job focusing on the rule of thirds with the castle in the background and the carousel in the foreground.

  6. I enjoy your photos and what you’re trying to show. The teacups photo is really nice, it has great detail and a mix of lighting that makes it less basic than other photos I have seen of the teacups. In your first photo I would recommend brightening the photo a little bit, to me it was hard to figure out what it was till I looked at it for a long time.

  7. I really like the images and how dark they are, and even though you can tell people are having fun within them it still gives it a very ominous mood to the images. It feels as if you are taking what is perceived to be the “happiest place on Earth,” and stripping that title away and showing what it truly is as a business meant to make money and build an experience for patrons of the location. I feel as if the images could have been framed a bit better and brightened a little bit in order to give us more information on what is happening within the images but overall it is a very interesting photo series.

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