photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Claire Embil

Claire Embil
Art 376: Black and White Film
Silver Prints; 8.5 x 11

These images are meant to represent UW-Madison. They were taken on campus and capture some of the stereotypes and traditions of the University. It is a common thought that UW is a party school hence the image of the bottles, but it is also academically challenging and rigorous. Students often rub Abe Lincoln’s toe for good luck especially during exam time.

7 thoughts on “Claire Embil”

  1. I like the idea behind these photographs with it being stereotypes of the UW-Madison culture. It’s a thoughtful and interesting way to depict the idea. What I find really cool is your use of perspective and how close up to the subject you got, especially in the first image of Abe’s shoe. The closeness allows for viewers to implement their own perspective and imagination to what this image represents to them.

  2. Stereotypes is a really cool project idea, I really like these. These are two of the stereotypes that I thought of when I first was applying and was coming to school here. It is interesting that they are in black and white because they make it seem a little bit darker and mysterious. The lines on the second photo are really nice and the composition of the bottles is perfect, slightly left on the photo.

  3. I think these images very interesting. It is also wise to use flash for your first photo. And the contrast presented in your images is really beautiful. In addition, different textures were also well presented that the softness of the groves and the coldness of the snow co-exist harmonically.

  4. I like these a lot! It is so interesting the way you chose to portray UW campus, and how without the statement below, I would not have known what the photos represented. I like the balance here, sort of shows the “work hard, play hard” stereotype of this school. Great job!

  5. I love seeing photo series with very unique themes and ideas behind them, and this one definitely is one of them! I enjoy it especially because, being a UW student, I can relate to this and understand these stereotypes. The first photo is especially well done – I didn’t read the description at first and I had to really look at it to understand the subject matter, which is a good job of engaging an audience. Even though there is a lot of dark space, the highlighted subject matter is well done and captures a lot of textures – from the bronze of the statue itself to the rough stone surrounding it. The beer bottles as well is an interesting photo to me – despite being of a common and regular subject matter, it creates a sense of isolation, which I think is something that takes a lot of skill from the photographer. Overall very well done, I hope to see more of your work soon!

  6. I think it’s interesting how you capture so much of the school’s culture in just two images. I really like the first image of Abe’s foot. I think it is framed very well with the snow giving it a nice contrast. I also like how you included the gloved hand which gives the photograph its meaning and significance. I also like the minimalist feel of your second photo. I think it is a very interesting angle and a good example of how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  7. I love your perspective of winter in Madison. You focus more on the ground level, which can be something we tend to ignore. I think the top one is a very strong image, love the great contrast between bright and dark.

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