18 thoughts on “Erika Aoyagi”

  1. These photos are incredible. This is the type of photography that sparks my interest, personally, as each image portrays such a real and raw moment as a part of everyday life. Each image in this series is a regular, mundane moment yet glorified to depict the people being featured. I admire the last two photos the most as these show a new “norm” to the everyday life: phones, selfies and the growth of technology. Society has developed immensely and to photograph such change is iso interesting to follow.

  2. These are lovely! The focus and composure are very well done, and make me feel like I was there too. I especially love the one of the people taking a selfie–it seems like a shot that could appear in a history book someday in the future.

  3. These are awesome! The composition of them is so powerful and really highlights both the subjects and their unique surroundings. My favorite is the second photo with the little boy. I love how the boy is in the center of the photo, but hiding behind some objects. He looks so happy and so sweet in this photo. The blurred out plants in the front make it feel like the photographer and the subject might be hiding or playing a game and this interaction is really cool to look at.

  4. These are all beautiful images. I feel a sense of loneliness or emptiness in each one…not sure if that’s just the drama of black and white appealing to me or not. There is a lot of space in each picture that I truly enjoy!

  5. Hi Erika, your images are beautiful! You have a strong use of highlights and shadows throughout your images that make your photos visually engaging. Additionally, I like the content. They are like mini glimpses into other people’s lives. My favorite is of the small boy under the tree – the tree creates a circle around the boy that draws my eye in. It is framed well! Great work.

  6. Photography of strangers participating in everyday life is always so fascinating to me. The third image is beautiful, the direct horizon line with people mingling in the middle ground is creates a subtle but intriguing contrast. The older couple with the darker toned clothes in the center of the frame was a great choice.

  7. I love the tone of these photos so much. The contrast and softness makes the photos so pleasing to look at. You have a great sense of compute when it comes to your images. The third image is stunning- I love that you chose to center those people, I think it gives balance to the picture.

  8. I really enjoy this series, but the second photo is my favorite. I really like the way the trees and the fountain frame the little boy. The series as a whole captures some intimate moments that I think are really important to street photography.

  9. All those images reveal that very basic peace and love in our daily life. Those moments captured seem to be transient, but they reflect something eternal. It is the obscure happiness that brightens our daily life. It could be waiting for a train or taking selfies with your loved one. The warmth of life also comes from our relationship with another person or with nature. I really love these images.

  10. I really appreciate the focus you have on the subject in your images but how you crop the image so the environment is known. I enjoy seeing couples together in ways that it is not obvious they are having a special moment. Your photos let the viewer know that your subject is finding joy or just simply and peacefully appreciating their environment.

  11. I love street photography and capturing people doing daily activities. I think that the moment where you can show someone in their element doing something without them knowing or having it be posed captures a personal side of photography and I think you very eloquently did that in these photos of people in Chicago.

  12. Street photography is not an easy task, but you make it look easy with this set of images. You do a great job capturing people going about their every day life and turning the mundane into something worth documenting. My favorite part of this set is the way in which you capture the setting of the image in a grand way but still have the focus of the image on the people.

  13. Your photos are very intriguing, I want to know what some of the people in your photos are thinking. Street photography is always interesting because people are so different from each other and you can see it in your photos. You might need to do some touch ups on a few of your photos because they have what look like dust marks, especially on the second to last photo.

  14. Something I’ve seen several of my classmates do in class is street photography, and while I love working with people taking candid photos of strangers has always been a bit nerve wracking for me, so I applaud you for this excellent series. You got a really nice balance of tones, especially for outdoor photography in what seems to be a very sunny day. My personal favorites are always the couples, and seeing how different couples interact in different spaces. Very cohesive and interesting series!

  15. These street photos are phenomenal. These feel very genuine and candid–a very “right place at the right time” camera feel. Great job!

  16. Hi! These pictures are just fit the style I think street photography should be. Individuals and space, plants and buildings, they are all fit very well in your pictures. I think you captured the emotion of those passengers at that moment. And I believe it is the most important element of portrait.

  17. Hey Erika!
    Your pictures look amazing! I love how the light composition in all your pictures look. One in particular that sparked my interest is the one with the little boy. I liked how you positioned the boy in between all the leaves. It creates a nice vignette effect naturally so the viewer automatically focuses on the subject. The blurry leaf at the bottom left of the picture was a plus for me. I loved your pictures overall!

  18. I love everything about these photos! The human relationship is repeated throughout this series and conveys so much emotion. There’s people waiting, joyous, bored, lost, fulfilled, I can go on and on. The focus is done well throughout the photos and the negative space in each one serves a fantastic purpose.

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