12 thoughts on “Erika Aoyagi”

  1. These are very sweet. The first photo is the strongest and stands out in my opinion. The way you have captured the light hitting the models face is so stunning. Light is such a powerful tool and you used it in a great way. I wish that the model’s face was in the light in the last photo, the way it is in the first photo. I think what would have made for a great photo too. Awesome job!

  2. I love your use of light in these images. How you choose to use lighting is clever and works well to add detail and depth to your images. The third image is really well composed. I love the contrast between the white wall and the darkness behind the subject. The only critique I have would be giving the first photo a little bit more contrast because it would help it fit with the other images better. Overall these are really great portraits!

  3. I love how your use of shadow in the third and fourth pictures create stark contrasts that highlight the features of the subject. I also think you did a really good job with focusing on your subjects. The way in which you focus on the 4th photo creates a sense of detachment as the focus is not on the face, but on the arms hugging the knees.

  4. Erika, this are very interesting portraits. I really liked that you used black and white photography to express your photographs. It is very interesting your way to use light to convey perspective and composition. I really liked how all of the subjects are not looking at the camera, as it makes one feel that this is just a small snapshot of what is actually happening. My mind just start thinking what is actually happening and what are they thinking.

  5. I think these portraitures are very delicate and I think the focus of each of the images is purposeful. Each of them captures the sense of nature and intimacy and each of them contains a story. My favorite is the first image because of the soft contrast, as well as the color of her eye, is really beautiful.

  6. What stands out to me in all of these images is the lighting. Each image really works with lighting and how you can manipulate light to produce a certain effect (highlight/shadow) on your subjects face. In addition, each image feels really thoughtfully picked out and very thoughtfully taken. I really get a feel for the personal connection between yourself and the subjects in the images, as we are shown the subjects doing tasks in their daily lives.

  7. I’ve always been enchanted with photography that captures people in their everyday moments, and I think this is a really beautiful series that does that incredibly well. My favorite is the last shot, where you utilized a really interesting depth of field to get perfect clarity on half of the face and slightly blurry on the second half. In addition, you have an excellent balance in your grey tones and high contrast areas – the faces and bodies of your subjects seem to fade right out of the background or meld into it. Each photo conveys a sense of calm, and you really feel as if you are peeking into a quiet moment in these peoples lives. Really well shot pictures, would love to see more of this kind!

  8. These images seem very personalized in terms of the people in your life. I admire the use of portraiture to display a range of emotions, especially using a black and white technique for added effect. I am curious to know your intentions with this series as it seems the message could vary. The composition of all, on the other hand, work smoothly with one another and allow for the eye to move in a meaningful manner.

  9. Hi! I really like the light of your first picture. The use of shallow depth of field makes the main object pops out from the background. The light and shadow on her face also very impressive to me. I also like the third picture because of the high contrast of light and shadow is very beautiful.

  10. Erika – these are beautiful portraits. The focus is very sharp. It’s clear that you know just when to snap a shot. The expressions are timeless. I think you worked through the filters well while printing because the contrast adds just the right touch. I can tell thoughtful time was put into each person’s shoot.

  11. I love the depth of field in all your portraits but the one that stood out to me is the second picture. The highlight in every single one of the curls were reflected so beautifully and there is a wave of serenity that I get from this picture. The contrast in that particular image stands out as well, though in the series the contrast overall is great.

  12. These are all beautiful portraits of people I would assume are close to you. There’s a nostalgic feeling in them most likely due to the dust present in some of them, and I think it works in your favor. I really love the second photo, the focus is placed on the face with the rest of her body out of focus and it’s nicely done.

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