17 thoughts on “Erika Aoyagi”

  1. I truly admire this collection of photos as an alternative way to look at the “familiar”. Being given even such small context such as “Very familiar places in very unfamiliar point of view” helps the viewer understand the perspective that is being portrayed throughout each image. Though all so different, the use and play on light in these images is something I find so unique and allows me, as the audience, to think more about each angle and the reasoning behind every look.

  2. Love your use of light here! The light tracing picture is truly engulfing, as well as the dramatic light captured in the bench photo!

  3. I really like the new perspectives on places around campus that might be ordinary for most people. Highlighting mundane things is always interesting in my opinion

  4. I really enjoy these photos and the various points of view. They provide a very unique take on seemingly mundane objects and make them interesting to look at. I also really enjoy the use of blank space. It makes the objects seem very powerful as if they own the space.

  5. First of all, I am delighted to see someone else who takes an interest in playing with light and exposure time – the first photograph in this series is beautiful. Not only did you manage to create an extremely interesting design with the lights, but the reflection of the light on the panels on the left wall adds just a little bit more magic to the photo. In addition, the other photos in the series evoke very specific emotions, and I especially enjoy that in the second photo everything in the photograph is in focus except for the faucet. Even before I realized I recognized these locations (at least vaguely), they all struck in me a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence of the time spent in these locations, which I think is a shout-out to the universal experience of college students around the world.

  6. I like how you used light to make ordinary things more interesting. I really like how in your first photo you played with light in a different way than just shadows from the objects. Even though these are black and white photos, it seems like there are different colors within the photos when I first look at them.

  7. I love the shadows you managed to capture in the last two images. They are both so well balanced and composed. Sinks are such an interesting photographic topic and I loved that you included them in this series. You manage to capture so much definition in the curves of the sink, which gives the image so much depth. I wish that the faucet was also in focus, but overall these are stunning photos!

  8. I think the first image in this series is very interesting and innovative. For anyone who has taken this class, they’ll recognize that this age was taken in the hallway outside of the dark room. I think that your incorporation of light lines makes an ironic parallel with the location of the image, light in an area where light is forbidden.

  9. I really like your idea for this project, it really makes you take a different look at what is around you. I like the first photo the best, but I think it sort of stands alone and doesn’t mesh as much with the other photos. I really liked the second to last photo. The shadow seems to be almost piercing the bench.

  10. Hi Erika, your series is beautiful. I especially enjoyed how you experiment with different points of view, exposure times and light. The first image is unique. I know that capturing light is challenged but you did a great job and exposed the image well – there is the perfect amount of contrast. However, this image does not seem to match the softness of your other images. The image of the benches would have to be my favorite because of how you utilized light. Overall, I am inspired by capturing shadows and different points of view from your work. Good job!

  11. I think your set of photos are very creative that you experimented photography with different lights, shadows and exposures. I am very curious about how you created the visual effect in your first photograph. I really love the various shapes and intensity that are presented by the light lines.

  12. I love the light and shadow of your photos. The combination of these two basic elements create wonderful pictures. I like the picture of two chairs in Humanities the best. The shadow in this picture seem to talk each other. They look like two close friends. I love your work!

  13. I love your photos especially the shadows! In the first photo, the lines create the mystery. My favorite is the last one, the details plant, shadows, light, everything goes perfectly together.

  14. I really like the first the first picture. The only light comes from the line between two buildings. The vapor also gives this picture a vivid feeling. I also like the second picture with the outside view super bright. It makes me feel that I am in the dark inside and want the brightness.

  15. I appreciate the concept of presenting a familiar place with a different point of view. Among the photo, I prefer the first one in the collection as it really presents a sense of familiarity to me as well. Assuming you were using a low shutter speed, the image is strong and the light trajectory in the frame delivers a surreal feeling.

  16. Great use of shutter speed in the first one. It’s beautiful and confusing. Wonderful shadows in the last two. I especially like the benches because the snow gives the bench a soft tone rather than its rather harsh wood exterior. There’s great color in the sink and the shine is well captured in the entire photo.

  17. Erika – I love the way the you manipulated the commonalities of being a student at UW-Madison. Humanities really shines through your work. The sink photo is particularly calming. The long exposure shot offers high contrast with the light trails while creating interesting reflections off of the work on the wall.

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