4 thoughts on “Hayley Snell”

  1. These photographs are powerful. I truly admire your use of perspective throughout each image to display something so “ordinary” in a new light. I, personally, strive to do the same and I love the way the black and white effect comes into play here. The romanticism of such everyday moments allow for a greater story to be told here.

  2. I think overall your photos are all visually appealing. I also think you are very good at making really nice composition of images. For example, I saw a lot of parallels going on in the first image and the person is framed standing right at those parallel lines. There is no sense of disruptions of the position of the person, rather a sense of harmony. In addition, our second one is also a really beautiful print and the overall tone of the person, background and even the plastic all turned out very well.

  3. Hi Hayley! I was drawn to your series because of the first image. Your first image has a lot of negative space that really draws my eye into the subject. Additionally, the lighting plays into this as well. The highlight of the floor leads my eye across the image, directly to the dark subject. Throughout the series, you really capture lighting well and utilize varying perspectives. This is unique! Specifically, the last image showcases your unconventional perspective as the statue is made to appear life-like if not, larger than life. Overall, you did an amazing job!

  4. The first thing that stands out to me is the vantage points that you use to capture your images. I especially enjoy your first image in which we get a sort of voyeuristic point of view of an unsuspecting bystander. This image also feels well-balanced and follows the rule of thirds to create a more compelling final product. I think the second image is also very strong. The use of a shallow depth of field really helps to highlight the subject and I love the candid feel to it.

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