8 thoughts on “Jacobo Kirsch”

  1. I enjoy that these photos tell a story and transport me somewhere I’ve never been before. These images are almost cinematic in the way which I could picture multiple stories and how they would play out in relation to the snowy area. Out of the two I think the second one is super magical, and the black and white in combination with the snowy trees and the snowy air really helps in creating the perfect picture.

  2. I am naturally drawn to landscape and nature photography, but have never really related that style of work with black and white film. These images are both so calming and massive to me and it’s really nice to see landscape work on Photo Exchange. The snow gives both images a nice balance against the super intense black coming from the trees and other objects in the scene. I really enjoy the first one because of its composition with the road and small building against towering trees. Overall, these images paired together really gave me a sense of comfort that I always receive from nature and also give me the longing to go visit this place.

  3. There is such a sense of fancy and wonder, I feel like these shots were taken out of a fantasy world, like Narnia. Your composure and use of contrast really works well to create balance in the image. I love that second image and the fog you managed to capture. It almost looks like there is a little bit of motion being captured in both pictures, which I think was a smart and unique descion to make! These are so peaceful and give me such tranquil vibes.

  4. I really enjoy the different senses of depth these images create; the first one is more flat and the second extends way into the distance with the help of the fog. Both of these photos feel very nostalgic and road-trip-like with their slight blur and absence of people. The first image reminds me of something you’d see while driving through the country and that you wouldn’t give a second thought about, but you made it look so impressive and alluring.

  5. I really like the contrast between woods and snow that present in your photograph. Overall, I think your photograph really captures the unique sense of quietness and mysteriousness nature possesses. I also really enjoyed how in the second photograph, all those trees seem to grow randomly, but I can actually see patterned in them.

  6. I love taking photos of landscapes and love looking at other people’s images of landscapes. I am really intrigued by your second image with all of the trees within the snow. It’s slightly mysterious and brings me to want to explore through the snow in between these pines. It says “snowstorm forest” and with your second image it looks like there is motion with the little bit of blur to it. It looks like I am looking out a window at a snowstorm. Great images!

  7. I enjoy both of these images as I think that scenes containing snow work well in black and white. Your second image is especially strong and is developed very professionally. You are able to render much detail and the lighting is spectacular. The falling snow on the left side of the image creates a nice balance and adds movement to an otherwise still scene. The amount of depth you are able to represent is also outstanding.

  8. I really enjoy your landscape photos, especially in black and white. They are amazing! The snow and trees show the strong contrast and depth. Let me feel peaceful when I see them.

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