4 thoughts on “Karissa Dohm”

  1. The second photo is so gorgeous! You manage to capture so much detail. From the eyes, which are so bright and playful, to the fur, which you managed to make look so soft and warn. I think it is interesting how different this image is from the first photo. You have so much negative space and the cat is hidden in part of the shadow. It feels much more docile than the second image. I think both images capture a very different mood but work really well together!

  2. I think this two pictures are really cute! You fully utilized the effect with light and the reflection in your cat’s eyes. First photograph is my favourite and the great contrast just makes the character even more outstanding. I think it is also very interesting that the texture of her hair and the softness that it represents.

  3. These pictures are incredible and show a great amount of skill by the photographer. The photos both convey separate, well-composed scenes with different emotions and intentions. I like the first especially because of the negative space and clarity of the cat.

  4. Hi! I love the picture of the little cat. In the first photo, it is clear to see the natural light that might come from the window. This kind of light is not very strong but have very clear direction. And in the second one, the artificial light is all over the room and makes the body of the little cat very clear in the picture. Good Job! I like the way you capture the gesture of cat as well !

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