7 thoughts on “Kennedy Fitzgerald”

  1. I really love these images, along with the intent behind the work. I think it is so interesting to see such intimate photos between people, and it would be amazing to see what other work you could produce with this project. I really enjoy the simplicity of showing a facial reaction or even just hand placement on another person as you have done with these images, so I think there are a lot of directions you could go with this if you did choose to continue.

  2. I enjoy these photos because they are deep with meaning. Intimacy is a concept that is hard to capture but these images express vulnerability in such a unique way. In a world that is moving and changing so rapidly it is so important now to represent femininity in its true colors. I appreciate this work and think that it stands for something much greater than just a nude image or two.

  3. I love these photos together because it shows a deep meaning of intimacy that we don’t tend to focus on. The first image is the strongest one in my opinion because of the expression in the person’s face. The second image also shows some type of expression even though there are no faces to be seen. The fact that these are in black and white helps to show that there’s some coldness to intimacy and that there is more to it than what we actually see.

  4. Emma – I love the contrast in your work. The vertical lines are very compelling. I love how they offer a warped appearance to the work, and they leave me a little uneasy. It ignites an emotional response. It translates well with the sly portrait and delicate handwork that you showcase. In the first image, the shadow on the lined background is almost a perfect gradient. It draws my eye to the barely lit face.

  5. Kennedy, you did an amazing job relaying your message through these pictures. The way the light hits the skin in the second picture gives a sensual and intimate feeling to your picture. The softness of it and the focus gives this picture a soft feel to it. I also like how you left in a part of the ruffled bedsheets to give texture to your picture. Great job!

  6. Hi! I really love the tone of your pictures. The texture of human skin shows perfectly on the prints. I also like the way you use light and shadow to pop out the main subject in the photo. I also like first one which make me feel very calm.

  7. I love the theme of these two photos! I wish there were more because I personally believe that there’s so much that needs to be said about intimacy and relationships. The human body fits the theme extremely well and I would’ve loved to see the opposite of fully clothed people as well! The human body tone is so beautiful and you can see the light on the subjects skin. It’s amazing.

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