16 thoughts on “Molli A. Pauliot”

  1. Hi Molli, I want to say that I really like your second photo/print: it’s quite funny. However, what bugs me is the selection box that is apparent in the photo/print; I’d advise you to remove it for a cleaner and more professional look. I also enjoy your first and last print as it shows a little girl dreaming and imagining even in the most dead and depressing environments that she’s in. For the first print, I would suggest to burn the sky and blown out trees just a bit. For the third print, the focus on the subject (girl) should be sharper. For the last print, I’d advise burning the edges of the buildings that are blown out by the sky just a bit and to rotate the image to where the railing is completely horizontal. Overall, nice work!

  2. These images are very compelling–the child’s emotions and actions are so well captured. I’m particularly drawn to the last image, as the child’s slightly blurred movement in the Wonder Woman outfit match her determined facial expression so well.

  3. I love the playful energy in these images and the feeling I get looking at them. Another really cool thing is that a lot of these images display motion, which allows you to really understand the feelings taking place in the images.

  4. I loved these photos in class and I love them now too! They are so raw and tender. These are such a cool thing for her to have when she grows up. I love how they are shot at the same heigh at her so that they feel like you are on her level. The composition of the first photo is super strong. I think that it is more powerful that you can’t see her face.

  5. Hi Molli! I was immediately drawn to your images because of your unique subject matter. I think your use of emotion is critical in understanding your concept – I believe you are trying to capture a dream-like or nightmare-like state. I am specifically drawn to the photo of the young girl screaming and the monster figure. Specifically, I want to know how you created this image? How did you manage to have a completely black figure with a set of exposure in the background?

  6. I love the playfulness of these photographs. I think you do a great job of capturing the imagination of a young child and I think it was very creative to use the silhouette of a monster in the second photo to really illuminate the imagination that this child might have. I especially like the 4th picture in which the little girl is depicted as wonder woman. I think the foreground matches the background very well and creates a sense of cohesion within the piece.

  7. Hi Moli!
    I love how magical these photos are! They turned out so well. I think you capture the beauty of childhood and all the wonder that children have. Every image is so playful and makes me smile. In the last image I would love to see more of her cape- it would add more lotion, but overall, these are great!

  8. I really like your series a lot! I think you did a good job capturing the youthful innocence of the situations. I especially think the second and last photo did an excellent job of this and they compliment each other nicely.

  9. This set of pictures are actually pretty intriguing. The different emotions one can notice from the same subject in different images is outstanding. I really like how you wanted to portray kid’s fantasy world in a black and white perspective. It truly gives a nostalgic look to the pictures.

  10. This is a very interesting series of images that depicts a world that is full of fantasy. It seems like all of these are coming from dreams of a little girl and as this girl became grown up, the content of her dreams also changed. To me, those images are surrealistic, but those emotions expressed are realistic, such as wonderings, fears curiosity and ambitions. I really like these images.

  11. Your photos are well put together and it really shows the way a child’s mind works with imagination and creativity. I love how you incorporated the sense of adventure in your photos and showed the change in the little girls character. She looks determined to face her fear in your last photo and I think you captured what you wanted to capture well.

  12. I really like the playfulness in this series. The first image reminds me of the emotion captured in the famous image called “napalm girl” despite the farcical elements that this image incorporates with the gorilla costume. The blacks and greys in these images are also really translated nicely.

  13. I love these photos because they remind me of the wonder and excitement it was to be a child and to imagine and make believe lots of interesting scenarios and stories. The emotion on the face of the girl in the second photo along with the edited in Sasquatch/Bigfoot figure is really endearing, and yet my heart also goes out to the poor little girl (what made her scream like that if Bigfoot wasn’t really there). The third photo as well is something that reminds of my childhood – standing by a body of water, poking into the water. In terms of technical work, the dark blacks and heavy use of grey tone really make the photos kind of dreary, which also solidifies my nostalgic yet melancholy feel. I think you captured a really unique subject matter and followed a unique theme, and I hope to see more of your work soon!

  14. Hi! I think your works are very creative. I like the way you put the pictures and the stories together. Those pictures become more interesting and really catch people’s eyes. I really like the second one with a shape of monster. It really fits the facial expression of the little girl running in the picture.

  15. These photos are just amazing. Fantasy meets reality and it’s stunning. It’s hard to choose a favorite from these four but I don’t think you necessarily need to because each is special in its own right. The last one has great focus and great lines. The vantage point is comfortable in the third one. The action is amazing in the second photo. The story leaves me to wonder in the first photo.

  16. Molli – these images are absolutely breathtaking! Each one tells its own story and does a great job at delivering a larger story about the little girl’s life and interests. The contrast was perfected with the appropriate filter. The photo with bigfoot is very ominous with contrasts with the gentler photos in the set.

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