15 thoughts on “Nina Besl”

  1. The contrast in these photos is striking. The darkness in these photos really gives them a mystical quality. I think my favorite of this bunch is the first one. The way the steam is lit gives it an eerie feeling. The lighting is good in the last one, but it doesn’t give the viewer the same disorientation as the other three.

  2. Hi Nina, it appears that your concept for this collection (although you stated that it isn’t a series) is high-contrasted prints. While it may be unintentional, you have an eye for it. I really enjoy your first three prints and then I get lost at the last one because it doesn’t have the same high-contrast element as the others. The textures, illumination, form, and composition was done well! Some suggestions I have for your first print is to dodge the snow in the background a bit to give a more balanced high-contrast of the stark white and black. For the second print, dodge the outside stuff that we see through the window to lessen the distractions of what’s behind the door. For the third print, dodge the light from the neon sign to make the white pop a bit more. Overall, great job!

  3. Hi Nina, the highlights and shadows in your images are very captivating. I specifically like how you captured the smoke in your first image. The contrast is great and I can clearly see the detail in the stairs as well as the smokey foreground. Additionally, the last image with the bricks is exposed really well. I love how you can see each crack and chips of the bricks. Good job!

  4. The lighting is the star of the show in all four of these images. The contrast of shape and form in each scene is amplified through the light balance. The light reflecting upon the smoke in the first image creates a nice division between the two dark buildings on either side. The light coming through the window of image two is borderline too bright; however, does not overpower the “smoke free facility” which is a nice feature to keep as a many subject within the image. The third image is very intriguing because of how close-up it is, I like how it leaves the viewer with that mystery. The textures on the brick wall of the fourth image create an overall aesthetic to the scene, possibly adding more contrast to bring out the texture even more would emphasize this even more. All four of these images group very nicely with each other; the photographer really seems to know what they’re doing in terms of lighting and overall framing of each photo.

  5. I love the way in which you take advantage of lighting in these images. While every image really takes advantage of the lighting in a way which brings out the beauty of B&W photography, I think the first image is absolutely stunning. The smoke crossing over the light behind it give it a really cool effect, and almost seem as though it could be a shot in a film.

  6. I truly enjoy the way you made things that do not appear to be anything special look so beautifully unique. The way you got close to your subject or manipulated the angle is really interesting to look at. The eye is grabbed by the shadow and by wonder of what the image is. Each image provokes thought and a sense of unknown. Your use of lines and shadows is quite exciting and unique.

  7. I love the composure of your photos. They seem very thought out, but also very raw and real. The first photo is the most intriguing to me. It seems dark and mysterious and it is surprising to me that this was taken in Madison. I like how you pay attention to lines in photos to make your work really interesting.

  8. I love these images because of the different uses of light in them. I really like your first and last images the most because of the amount of contrast in them. They are two different photos but both have similar qualities that attract me to them. They both have details of the bricks, the one is a close up view, and then the other one is in the distance but they both show the roughness of the brick. The first image I like the most because of how the natural lighting is used within the fog/smoke, it’s interesting and creative.

  9. I think its really interesting how you said these weren’t in a series, but I think by putting them together here and pointing out their unifying theme of “details around Madison”, it essentially put them into a series in relation to each other! What I love about these is how you really challenged the idea of putting the full subject matter into the photo – the zoomed in small portion of a neon sign, the cut off “To Frances” (I think) wall sign, the partially illuminated door of what I believe is a part of the capital building. Each of these things allows the viewer to become more intimate with the subject matter and see it in a new light. Overall very well done, I hope to see more of your work in the future!

  10. I particularly love your first image, because although the subject is ambiguous, the intention behind the scene is touching. The overall tonality is visually comforting and the light source in the background adds flavor to the feeling of nostalgia. I also saw you incorporate the mirror as your objects. All those vague reflections are eye-catching.

  11. You do a fantastic job of capturing scenes that go overlooked and are able to successfully add an artistic spin to them as well. The contrast in these images is exceptional as well as the level of detail you are able to capture. I. especially like the last photo of the bricks as it is framed very professionally and incorporates a good use of shadow that keeps the eyes moving around the piece.

  12. You definitely have an eye for lights and shadows! Although you don’t have a concept behind all these pictures, that definitely comes through in all of the pictures posted. I like how you let small amounts of light be the focus in a lot of your pictures which creates a very nice contrast that only comes through in black and white. The picture of the alleyway with the light and smoke was so well captured. I personally love your style.

  13. I like the high contrast presented in your collection of photos here. The deep depth of the field in the first one really delivers a very impactful feeling. The mist also creates a sense of mystery visual effect. When I see the photo the first impression it gives me is that it almost like a mise-en-scene in a crime film.

  14. Since I just worked on an assignment on light and shadow, your images stood out to me. There is some strong contrast between brightness and darkness. I love the first one, where everything around is pretty dark and there is only one source of light peeking through the middle of the image. And you also did a great job capturing the fog.

  15. I love the use of light in each photo. Whether it’s a reflection, or the actual sunlight, it’s all beautiful. The light is haunting in the first photo as it seeps through the smoke. The light is extremely white and the black is extremely black in the second photo and I think that amazing contrast adds to the photo of the only words being seen are, “smoke free facility.”

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