9 thoughts on “Nina Besl”

  1. These are super interesting and I really enjoy the connection between nature and the subject. My favorite out of all the images is the final one, just because I love the open concept and all of the small details which complete the image. For example, the reflection of the subject in the water beneath him.

  2. I like the concept behind these photos. I like that they are simply capturing moments in life and aren’t set up or lit specifically in any way. It makes me feel as if I were simply walking through the woods with my friend. It’s a freeing and wild feeling and gives me a sense of serenity and appreciation for life’s simple moments.

  3. This set of photos combines very well to tell a story. All of them capture quick moments in time in a very nice and clear way. I especially like the movement that is captured in the first two shots. The texture of the beach and waves are nicely captured alongside the boy reaching into the water, all creating a nice story of movement and joyous energy. The third photo almost portrays an ominous scene, specifically due to the blurred water distorting the reflection of the boy. The environment of mud, leaves, and sticks naturally placed throughout the natural floor allows the reflection to be camouflaged and harder to point out amongst the rest of the scene. The final scene portrays solitude among the subject, the dark shades and exposure of the water and rocks towards the front of the image emphasize this. Overall, all four images display separate feelings or emotions, yet they all pair nicely together, telling the story of the subject who appears in all four images.

  4. Your photos show a sense of exploration from the individual in your photos. Your statement says that it’s an average person’s interaction with nature and that’s not all it is. In the photo with the reflection, it says a lot more than one might think. The details in your photos are really good and easy to think about in a deeper sense.

  5. Hi Nina! I love your concept, especially how your concept played out visually. To me, your last photograph is undoubtedly your strongest. Tone-wise, this photograph has great blacks and whites as well as a balance between subject and negative space. You captured the man’s reflection in the water beautifully! I am inspired to take an image like this myself. Additionally, the first image is very cool. Capturing movement is very challenging but you did it well. Overall, this is a great series.

  6. Something that really stands out to me in these photos is how much each one invokes a different emotion in me. The first one is fun and astonishing – how did the person get so high in the air? The second photo is nostalgic to me, as drawing in the sand or playing right where the water meets the beach is something I did often as a child at Lake Superior. The third and fourth ones are kind of similar to me in that I feel like I am glimpsing a private moment in someone’s life, someone who is deep in thought over something. the tones of the last two images are darker but still even, and give it a more melancholy and mysterious vibe. The black and white really plays with how you feel, and overall the use of even tones leaning toward the dark side makes me fondly remember my past. Overall a very good job, especially coming from such a simple but well executed concept!

  7. This is a very fun series of images in which I love the feeling of freedom and exploration that I get out of it. I especially enjoy how you play with reflection and am impressed with the level of detail that you are able to bring out. I think you have nice overall contrast and do a really great job of finding those darkest darks and lightest lights. I really like the second image as it is framed in a unique manner within the puddle. Your final image is also very strong and benefits from centering the subject.

  8. I love the reflection on the last photo. Extremely moody and is simply captivating. Maybe it’s the way the subject is portrayed, maybe it’s the landscape. If you take one away from the other, the photo will still be humbling. Place the man in the middle of the street and it will still be interesting. Remove the man from the landscape, the trees shine.

  9. Your pictures give off a gloomy vibe and I love that. The last two images with the stream are so well thought out. I really enjoy how the reflection in the second last image is not exactly smooth and you can see the disturbance of the soil and branches under the shallow stream. The last image’s composition is phenomenal. I like how there is a slight vignette to the image that really brings your focus to the man in the middle of the image. It’s suspenseful and makes you wonder what he’s looking at.

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