4 thoughts on “Sheila Duong”

  1. I really enjoy the new perspective you added to things that are so familiar in most everyday life. This new perspective allows the viewer to see something common in a new way. I think that your use of shallow depth of field helped with this interesting perspective as well. Additionally, I like how high contrast your images are because it makes the images feel unique and slightly gloomy. One thing I would suggest is to capture the second image with slightly more highlights as some of the details get lost in the darkness.

  2. These two images are incredible examples of the artistic element of texture. I especially think your second image embodies this and by leaving using a shallow depth of field, you allow the viewer to hone in on the center of the image and create, what seems to be, even more detail than the image already has. I also like the mysterious nature of your first image and think you do a great job of paying attention to the rule of thirds to create an interesting image.

  3. Hi Sheila!

    I really liked how you intentionally made the leaf pictures out of focus. It brings a certain softness to the picture. I also like how the light bounces off the leaves and gives a very other-worldy vibe to the picture. In the first picture, I do like how you manage to capture the textures on the wall so well on your prints.

  4. Hi, I like the way you intentionally make your photo out of focus to create a sense of abstraction. In your first photo, I also like the frame presents a subtle vantage point. The two photos also present a consistent high contrast. The texture also looks very nice!

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