7 thoughts on “Yiting Liu”

  1. I have to start out by saying these are really some incredible photos! The clarity that you get in all the photos is incredibly, especially with the detailing in the sink faucet piece. The intentionality behind these photos is clear as well – especially the first two. The use of the dark backgrounds that blend into the focus of the shot in the first two as well (the smoke and the glass) is extremely well done and must have taken a lot of effort both in shooting the shot and in the processing of the print. It’s a very comprehensive series of photos and very aesthetically pleasing to look at as well – nicely done!

  2. I agree with the comment above. You get such great clarity and sharpness in your images. I think you have an amazing understanding of contrast and it makes your photos so pleasing and balanced. Your use of lighting is very creative!

  3. These photos are very interesting and mesmirizing to look at. You did well with playing with light and motion together, you were successful with that. I also like the texture of your photos, especially in the last one of the bathtub plug thing. It’s a simple thing that I wouldn’t have thought to take a photo of, but it has character and the drops of water are crisp looking and pleasing to the eye.

  4. I really enjoy the last image of the faucet/bathtub! The lighting helps you see all the details in the water drops and metal parts, and the range of tones in light and shadow create such an interesting and intriguing composition even though it is a subject we see almost everyday but never pay much attention to. Great work!

  5. Hi Yiting, I think you did a great job exploring artificial light. I often am unattracted to the look or style of artificial light because it is too harsh; however, you captured a kind of softness in your images that I appreciate. Specifically, the image of the bathtub drains. I like the single light streak that goes across the image – it gives highlights to the metal drain. You did a great job capturing light. Not to mention, you captured motion well too! I am so impressed with the water image and am left wondering how to create my own. Great work!

  6. The image in this set that jumps out to me the most is the image of the glass of water. I think it is very captivating to have an almost pitch-black background which creates a sort of void around the glass. Despite much movement occurring in the scene, you are able to render much detail of the splashing water. I also appreciate the third image of the faucet. I think the simplicity of the image is its strongest asset. The focus is directly on the faucet but as the eye wanders around a bit, the viewer is able to see each and every droplet of water which creates a nice texture to the image.

  7. I think you did a great job operating with light. My favorite is the second one, where the glass bottle is in sharp focus, and everything in it, including the bubbles, looks so vivid.

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