9 thoughts on “Yiting Liu”

  1. Very interesting self portraits you created. I really liked how you defined each of them as alter-egos, and how the abnormal use of objects to produce an abstract and emotional aspect to the photos. I like how your background feels like a void, making the subject just look towards the subject.

  2. I love the objects you chose and how they all brought different emotions and textures to the image. I think you let the object direct the image, instead of you controlling the object, which is super interesting. Your third image in incredibly compelling to me. I love the look you are giving to the camera and how you have placed the fruit. I would be careful with the backdrop you are using, in some images the background is completely dark and you get lost in it, and in others, it is lighter and you stand out. I think either one would be powerful and interesting, but in my opinion, having it be consistent throughout would help tie together the images.

  3. I liked the first and last photo the best because the background was completely black and the model really stood out in the photograph. Those two are particularly strong. I like that it is not clear if the photos are planned or not. I like how original these all seem. All of these also had very strong composure.

  4. The use of props, body, and background really creates an incredibly interesting and unique set of photos that leaves the viewer with questions about each alter ego’s personality. Although the facial expression in each shot remains very uniform, each photograph gives off a different feeling and aura. I’m very interested especially in how each prop was chosen and whether it was chosen for a specific reason; perhaps they have a meaning to the subject/photographer, or perhaps each alter ego was created randomly along with a sporadic choice of prop. I’m very partial to the first and last in the series, when the contrast between the subject and background is so strong that there is, essentially, no visible background, drawing the sole focus to the personality that shows through along with the interaction of the body, the expression, and the object. Very nice series, I really like it!

  5. I think this is an interesting series of self portraits. I really like the subtle dynamic and interactions between you and those objects you chose. I think it is very creative that you explored yourself and represented different ‘types’ of you via objects like orange, pencils, and etc. In addition, I also like the contrast presented in your photography, which allows the curve of your body and your objects to be expressed fully.

  6. Each of these images are very interesting and each tell their own story. I enjoy the stark contrast that you are able to portray between your foreground and background. I think your fourth image is especially strong regarding this contrast and I’m curious to know what this alter ego might be. I also think your second and third images are very powerful, and I love how you own the space that you are in. Overall I think this is a very creative set of images and I would be excited to see more of this work.

  7. Hi Yiting, your images are very unique, and they make me think! I wonder what these objects mean to you and why you chose them. Your self-portraits portray different personalities, or as you describe “alter egos.” My favorite image would be the last image – I love how the balls and string, mirror the shape of your body. This is an interesting interaction that you captured. The lighting in images 2, 3 and 4 is beautiful as well because of how the folds in the background are shown. I love this touch. In the 1st images, however, your lighting is different – it is bolder. The intense contrast really matches this image because of how the face pops. The different lighting used as well as the variety of props make for an engaging series. Great work!

  8. All of your images have a unique style to them and that’s what I like about this set of images. I really like the first image because everything is black including whatever the person is wearing making their face, hands, and pencils stand out. You kind of did that with all of your photos, but you can kind of see the background in the other ones due to how much light is shining on the person.

  9. Hi Yiting,
    Your pictures leave me with so many questions. What do each of the alter egos represent? Why choose those particular items? I think it’s amazing how you invoked so much curiosity in your self portraits. I love the compositions of your pictures and despite the variety of the subjects poses, there is a common trait in every picture in which your eyes are focused on the camera. I love the contrast of the subject and the background. Great job!

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