13 thoughts on “Jessica Gjerde”

  1. I really live the simple beauty of this photograph. I do not mind your choice to edit as I think that it brought out a lot of detail that adds to the composition. I do wish that the crop was either a bit more even or a bit more purposefully off.

  2. The symmetry of this image really draws your eye in towards the central point and then back out to see the textures and lighter areas! I really like the combination of geometric shapes and organic material, the contrast works very well! You also did a nice job of bringing out the textures and tones of the wood, and I especially like the contrast between the bottom-left and top-right corners.

  3. I think the composition of this photograph is really beautiful and comforting. Everything seems to be round or circular shaped, but they clearly all have straight edges. Besides, the text of woods is also brought perfectly and it matches the pattern that is presented in this photograph as well.

  4. I love the composition of this photo. I think the simplicity of it well goes along well with your decision to bring out the wood grain of the gazebo. It adds just enough detail to draw you into what is a minimalistic photo. I appreciate the mix of texture as well as a different perspective. To look up and capture the wood as well as what looks to be lights adds an interesting mixture of colors and textures. The perspective is interesting and takes a second to recognize that the photo was taken looking up.

  5. The texture in the wood is incredible. The way the lines all lead you to the center of the photo makes it very striking. Another interesting thing is the position you chose for the pipe. The only suggestion I have for improving this photo is there is a lot of tension on the top of the photo because the top of the octagon is so close to the edge of the frame. If there was any to back up just a little bit so the space at the top resembled the space at the bottom would help to relieve that tension.

  6. Very cool symmetry being featured here. I also like how you mentioned that you laid on the ground to get this shot. It’s cool to think about all the different angles you can capture when changing your vantage point. This gazebo looks totally different looking up verses looking straight on and its cool that you showcased something not everyone thinks about.

  7. I love the symmetry of the lines of this photograph. Its composition makes you focus towards the center of the images, which is something that I really appreciate a lot in an image. Even though it looks very simple or easy to take that photo, it’s so difficult to find those symmetrical structures out there. You did a great job cropping the picture to look appealing.

  8. I can feel the texture of this through my screen, great work! This is composed so beautifully I love how you can follow all the lines to the middle of the photo. The wood looks stunning, you did a great job editing this photo to achieve the goals you wanted.

  9. This image is so interesting, I feel like I could just stare at it all day. I love the lines being formed and the clear separation of the parts. I think the lines are the part that make me feel so interested because it makes the mage feel like it could go on forever. I also love how you captured the detail in the wood and the different tones/textures on different parts of the wood.

  10. Hi Jessica! I am drawn to the simplicity of this image. The composition is great. The circular center serves as the main focus of the image, with wooden beams leading the eye into the center as well. You also showcased the texture of the wood beautifully. I like the tones as they are consistent and highlight the natural rigidity of the wood. Good work!

  11. I really love the texture and form of this photo. The photo shows a lot of details like the lines and colors of the woods. The symmetry is also very cool. This photo makes me feel peaceful and comfortable. Great work!

  12. The shape and form of this picture is perfect! You play the frame very well to get such a perfect photo. I also like you choose the wooden subject which also have special texture. This kind of central symmetry frame reminds me of the film 2001 Space Odyssey!

  13. This image is super satisfying to look at, perfectly centered and a perfect hexagon. I loved the texture and the color of the woods looks very realistic and structured. Overall, a very good architecture image.

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