21 thoughts on “Linda He”

  1. Hi Linda, your images are beautiful. I love how vibrant your colors are. My favorite images are the first two that emphasize the details of flower petals by zooming in on elements of intense texture. Each petal fills the frame – it is very satisfying. Additionally, the tones of your images are great, in terms of a sequence. Your warm tones are carried throughout every image, as they go from redder to more yellow. In specific, these yellow images have a shallow depth of field that draws my eye into the center point, the sunflower. Good job!

  2. I really like the vibrancy presented in your photos and how vividly these flowers are shown. The bright and bold color remains me of the film and the scene that one girl lying on the bed of roses. Additionally, the tonality of all your photos is outstanding and it seems like all those flowers are competing with each other.

  3. These photos are beautiful – I love how that even though you are using the same color scheme throughout the series, there are so many different tones that are brought out really well.

  4. I love how much texture has been captured in this series. I find the amount of detail that has been captures makes the texture of the petals very tangible and understandable. I also like the correlating color palette that seems to have been observed. It makes the series that much more cohesive as opposed to just close ups of flowers.

  5. The overall tone of lighting combined with the oranges, yellows, and pinks of the flowers creates a very warm, comforting, and dreamlike scene! I enjoy your use of shallow depth of field, and the softness helps bring the compositions together because flowers are very structurally complex, so having a selective focus helps de-clutter the space so you can focus on the main subject. I really love the textures and how you can see the individual ridges of the petals on the roses as well. Great work!

  6. Visually stunning – not only does your shallow depth of field allow for a unique viewing experience but it adds several layers to the photograph. I really enjoy how you pushed the warm colors of the flowers by using a more yellow filter to push the reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks. I’m a huge fan of flower and nature photography, and the clarity with which you got these photos is really incredible. The photos themselves really remind me of all the bouquets I’ve received, and I’m especially fond of carnations, so it makes me reminisce about the people that love me, which makes me feel as warm as these photos look. Overall a really good set of photos, keep up the good work!

  7. These are really rich and vibrant macro images that look otherworldly. I think the tones in this series create really intense depth of field and contour, especially in the petals, and I don’t usually love images with so much warmth but I think the colors work really well here.

  8. I love the sharpness of your images it adds to the crisp fall feeling your photos convey. Your depth of field is also very good and helps move the viewer through the photograph. I especially love the first photo because there is an abstract quality to it that pulls people in. The vibrant colors and texture of the flowers give the impression that you are looking at the fun tissue paper decorations kids make in art class.

  9. These images bring me so much joy! They capture so much detail and vibrancy I couldn’t help but smile when I saw them. I love how you captured the many layers of flowers, both in the individual flowers and as well as how you chose to compose your images so that all the flowers overlapped in really interesting ways. I think you did a really nice job of zooming in on objects that we often see pictures of, but not often so close and personal.

  10. I absolutely love the color in these. The fact that they all contain mostly reds, oranges, and yellows really ties them together, even though they are all different compositionally. The closeness of the first photo gives it almost a surreal feeling. In the third photo (of the roses) I like the leaf in the upper right hand corner, as it draws the eye toward the flowers. And in the last photo (of the sunflower) I really like the gold item in the background, which just gives it another element.

    As a side note, all these photos look as if they could be a default wallpaper on a computer, they’re all really neat!

  11. These are such powerful images. I enjoy the your perspective on the flowers. Some of the photos were taken were you really focus on just the texture of the flower petals filling the whole frame of the photo, you can’t see the edges or open spaces where the flowers end, and I really enjoy that unique perspective. It makes the images look like wallpaper in a way. In addition, the way you were able to capture the light and color of the flowers is beautiful.

  12. I find enriching the way to focused on take this pictures. I really like the warm autumn colors of this images. It is really different that you focused more on the texture of the flowers and plants than on the lines and forms that represents them. Actually, some of the pictures tend to look abstract. I would definitely hang this up in a wall.

  13. These colors are stunning! You did such a good job of capturing flowers in a unique way. The use of depth of field in these photos and how carefully each is composed. I feel like I could keep looking at these for such a long time and still be captivated.

  14. I enjoy the warmth of these photos. The saturation makes the images feel a bit unnatural, which really contrasts the flowers/ natural subject. I think it is interesting how you use depth of field in your images. I think I would like to see images where everything is in focus, but there may be a reason you have some things out of focus. The first image is really gorgeous, I love the texture.

  15. These are stunning! The details of the flowers are kept in great focus and the golden lighting really adds to the overall image. I also really appreciate the wide variety of textures that create an abstract quality alongside the choice of angles taken. The vibrant colors are a great choice as well!

  16. These images are so pretty, I love all of the colors in them. I also enjoy your depth of field and how you use it to emphasize certain flowers over others and to separate the background from the flowers.

  17. The vibrant colors allow for such a cohesive theme in this set of prints. I am unsure if this was intentional or not, but I like how with each image the composition is less zoomed in. I like how the photographer played around with their depth of field, too. The first and third image have less depth of field, resulting in an overall focus on the image whereas the second and fourth images focus in on one part of the image. Overall, I think my favorite out of the series is the first image. It is very satisfying to me that the flowers appear to be flourishing so much that they extend off the scene. It gives off a feeling of never ending amounts of flowers.

  18. I like how you unify the tone of the series to a soft warm color. The close-up really creates the visual pleasure as the texture of the flowers get amplified. The yellow and red color of the flower also works well with your lighting. In addition, I like the way you present the close-up with a full frame of flowers but also has some space and depth in the frame to let the viewers breathe a little.

  19. The color is very vibrant in this series. Love the power and energy these images of flowers bring into these images. My favorite is the very last one. The 1/3 construction and blurry background made the flower in the front pops.

  20. Linda,
    I love everything about your photos. The vibrant and warm colors are not too overpowering because of the softness of the focus with a shallow depth of field makes your pictures very strong pictures. I don’t know if you did any post editing but if you did, I really commend you on that. The highlights and shadows are balanced beautifully!

  21. Linda – I wish I could see the entire series! This set expresses a perfectly cohesive theme Natural warm hues radiate throughout each photo effortlessly. In the last two images, I love the framing of the image to also feature other natural elements. I ca see these being fabulous wall art!

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