9 thoughts on “Nahar Almogbil”

  1. Hi Nahar, the fact that you took this image on your phone is super cool! Photography really can happen anywhere, so using what is always on you is a great resource. Your image captures the light beautifully and sheds light on the intense amount of detail in the water. I like how the water acts as a mirror, displaying the clouds across the ripples. Additionally, the trees frame the image well, filling in the white space above the dock. You have a great sense of composition. This is a great image – great work!

  2. It is so interesting that this was taken on your phone! I like that the water could look like a mirror reflection of the sky, but the wind throws it off a bit. The green top of the gazebo makes the grass stand out, since it could go unseen on the side. Great photo!

  3. This is a really well composed image! I like that there is some empty space on the right side of the image, it balances well with the dock/trees on the left. The reflections of the dock and the bridge in the background are well captured too, it is very soothing how the reflections fade away so gradually. I also really enjoy the different textures in this image: the water ripples next to the rough dock and the fluffy clouds above. Great job!

  4. I love the sky in this photo, your phone capture a lot of detail in the clouds and the water as well, which is something I think is often lost when using mobile or even other kinds of digital photography. It is a beautiful setting and really draws in the viewer, making me want to visit the small playground off to the side – the two docks in the foreground as well as the bridge in the background and the line of clouds really makes this piece stand out as one of strong linear composition. I would love to see what you could maybe draw out of some of the shadows around the trees and playground area with some editing, but I also think no editing was a good call! Very nicely done, keep up the good work!

  5. A mobile photography class sounds like a lot of fun! The composition of this photo is really great. The fact that the corner of the dock is cut out adds an interesting visual element. Also, I love the space you’ve added above the trees so that is doesn’t feel too crowded. The choice of leaving the right side of the frame almost entirely empty almost gives it a diptych feeling. An interesting experiment you could try is to take this photo at different times of day during different weather. Right now, it has a very blue overlay, but how would this photo change if it was taken at sunrise or sunset and had a warmer tone? Just an idea–but you have a good eye!

  6. I love the brightness of this picture brings me joy and peaceful. I really thing you did a great job creating a composition. Also, it was such a great time of the day to take the picture and the clouds provokes. The colors makes my eyes to the gazebo and docks, which I really feel helps a lot to understand the image. I can notice you planned well and took many variables into consideration to take a good photo.

  7. I love that you took this one your phone and didn’t edit it. I feel like I am really here in this environment with you. I can tell why you took this because it is such a beautiful setting. This is composed very nicely with lots of leading lines to follow.

  8. I love the detail you captured in the sky and the water. The clouds feel very full and fluffy. You can see the ripples and reflections in the water, which is so cool. I was really shocked that you took this on a phone, it’s a really great photo.

  9. I really like the composition of this photo, you found a really nice balance with the water and the docks. It has a repetition that makes my eye move around the photo. I also really like the tones of this image. It is rich which I think is different than most water photos I see that tend to have more brightness. Super cool image!

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