photography, St. Norbert College

Rebecca Craig

Rebecca Craig
ART 124: Mobile Digital Photography
Medium – digital print

Description: I love this photo because of the depth. Through simple experimentation with focus on my phone camera, I took a simple subject with minimal depth, and added another dimension to the photo by adjusting the areas that were blurry and the areas that were in focus.

5 thoughts on “Rebecca Craig”

  1. I agree with your description – you took a subject matter with minimal depth of field and added a whole new level to it! Something that really stands out is, of course, the straw – looking straight down into a straw is something I haven’t seen in a photography before, and to capture it in such clarity deserves a pat on the back! In addition, whether this was intentional or not, the background colors really compliment the foreground – this whole photo strongly features warm colors, form the pink of the straw to the yellow of the drink to the reds, organs, and pinks of the background. The green rim is the only cool color and stands in just the perfect juxtaposition to the rest of the composition. Overall very well done!

  2. I agree with the Grace, I think your description adds a lot to the image. At first, I didn’t even realize what the straw was. It is interesting how different angles and depths of field can alter how you perceive an image. I think that it would be interesting as a series, like abstract photos of all the drinks you drink!

  3. I really get a sense of what you were trying to do from both your description and the image. I think the colors are really vibrant and fun, they work well together. The straw kind of threw me off, because I had no idea what it was until reading another comment, but it is so interesting to see a straw from this perspective. I think the usage of focus was smart and fits in well with the story of the drink.

  4. Hi Rebecca! I like how in your artist statement you explored why you found this image intriguing; it is always fun to hear other opinions on artwork. However, I would say that while the depth of this photo is great, to me, what makes this photograph good is the repetition of circles. The curved lines really carry your eye throughout the whole image. From the rim, the pink circle, and even the curve of the lemon, you truly captured a great composition. Additionally, the colors are so vibrant that the image just draws me in. You did a great job!

  5. Rebecca – this photo is as intriguing a it is colorful. The bokeh beautifully surrounds the drink. Our eye is drawn to the reflects in the salt on the rim of the glass. It took me awhile to comprehend that the pink dot in the center of the photo was in fact a straw – so fun!

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