University of Kentucky, video

Celina Nguyen

Celina Nguyen
A-S 285: Lens Arts

For this ReDoIt project, I was required to shoot my own still videos which I had not done before, and then put them all in the same frame, side by side. We are to choose an artist who shows something intriguing to us, pick a video, and then attempt to recreate it either exactly or with some variations. The variations thatI decided to display was to shoot in color instead of black and white. I also chose the word chicken which is something I love to eat instead of a word that I do not like, like what the original artist had chosen.


5 thoughts on “Celina Nguyen”

  1. I love the way you took the original videos theme of destruction and captured it in your version. I thought you were extremely creative in how you used the different materials and how they were destructed and withered away. I thought some of the videos were slightly grainy, so the camera may have just needed to be set to a higher quality. I think the video was extremely well done, especially for your first time and I also appreciated your choice to keep the shots in color since you used such colorful scenes.

  2. I think this video is really well done. It does a great job of reimagining up the video is was inspired by and capturing the essence of it. The shots all looked great and the creativity for each of the letters is evident. It would be interesting to see if it has the same effect in black and white.

  3. I feel that the decision to incorporate color in your video as opposed to keeping it black and white like Santiago Sierra’s original work is very effective in making your visuals more interesting and captivating to watch than that of the original video.
    I also feel that the audio in your work is more effective than that of the original video in keeping the viewer focused on the transformations happening to each individual letter. The original artist’s audio is more overwhelming and distracting where your audio is quieter and less distracting.
    My only advice would be to cover up the letter “k” a little more, because it is still recognizable as the letter “k” while the other letters are no longer recognizable.

  4. I really like how you used a variety of materials to make each letter different from the others. I think it forces viewers to look at everything and not just focus on one point. I like the use of keeping the sounds from each item. One thing I think could be better is that some letters are gone before others so maybe try timing them differently.

  5. Something I really enjoy about this video is the color use. With so many different variations of hues and textures, it makes the video very pleasing to the eyes and never once dull to watch, which I also thought was quite an interesting choice in comparison to the original video as it was shot in black and white. Another thing I enjoyed was the use of sound as they all differ, never clashing unpleasantly and feeling more harmonious. One thing to try is maybe using a more abstract word like a concept and try to use things for the letters that could represent what the word is about, for example “humanity” or “love.” All in all, it’s a great project, I loved it.

    Comment by: Emmanuel

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