University of Kentucky, video

Dajun Miller

Dajun Miller
A-S 285: Lens Arts

This project was a recreation of an original project from Sadie Benning called Living Inside. This connected with me tremendously because of the pressures of life that I go through everyday are the same that this artist also goes through. it is hard being apart of the lgbtq and dealing with these everyday stigmas. When recreating it took a lot of time to get the perfect lighting and angles. The editing process took forever to do but, I enjoyed doing the editing process making it seem like a vhs tape as well.


7 thoughts on “Dajun Miller”

  1. Dajun I really thought this redoit was well done because it was so similar to hers but had your own spin on it. I liked how open you were it in. I thought it was a very solid narrative.
    Something I would have changed is how clear your face was in it because in hers it was a little more grainy, but that was a good spin with your own touch.
    I also like how you changed it in the way that yours had multiple voices overlaid at the end.

  2. I think you did a good job at recreating the video, with the colors, composition, and edits. After watching the original video, I can really see how your recreation matches up well. Although, one think that I think could be done better is to have more scenes closer up to your eye, because in the original she has most of them of just one of her eyes. I also really liked how you added more dialogue about not wanting to go to school and I liked the way you added some slow motion to it. Overall, a really good recreation.

  3. Watching yours made me realize that there was actually sound in the original version, making it more personal. I think it helped a lot with seeing what exactly the message was. So good work with the volume! You also did a really great job editing the video, its pretty spot-on with the original. I’d say my only critique is to make the sound mimic the quality of the video. Visually, it looks like an old film, but the audio sounds near perfect. So there’s a little bit of a disconnect between the visual and sound. Good job though!

  4. I really like this recreation. I like how you took the original video and put your own personal spin on it by changing the script. I would, however, recommend potentially adding more of a variety of camera angles and facial expressions when you change subjects as the original artist did. I think this would help the viewer realize the video was meant to be seen as being recorded over a period of time. I love the editing in this video and how you managed to make it look like an older camera. Also, the ending of the video where there is a multiple exposure of all your heads at different opacities is very well-done. I think the exposure and focus in the video is also done just right. Overall, I really enjoyed this video and think you did a really good job!

  5. I love how you implemented the same formats used in the original such as black and white and the glitching effect. These details make it obvious to viewers like myself that it was inspired or a recreation of the original. The ending was unique and worked powerfully because it added more suspense and dramatic tension when the voice got deeper and kept repeating. Then ending it on the fuzzy screen makes for a nice cut off for he whole piece. Something that could be done better is having all the audio be consistent, there was one part where it was noticeable that the mic was too close and made a weird noise. However, it still worked well with the whole piece.

  6. I think you did a fantastic job editing this video to look like the original! Even the audio and everything is consistent with the original which I really appreciate. I also love the narrative and how you expressed yourself through this. The only thing I can say is I wish there was some more variety in the shots of your face at the beginning of the video!

  7. I like the fact that you are comfortable enough to make a video like this and telling everyone what is going on in your life. I like the static effect you added in between clips and how you layered your voice at the end. I think some places it gets a little overexposed but its an easy fix.

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