4 thoughts on “Eliza Cooper”

  1. The composition of all these photos is great, the only thing I would improve upon is in the first photo, the car is very close to the bottom of the frame and it creates a lot of tension. In the second two photos, I would increase the contrast as they both feel kind of muddy.

  2. I think that you have an interesting eye for composing images. You have chosen a unique way to photograph these places. The incorporation of the stoplight in the capitol image I feel usually would disrupt the image, but the way you have lined it up with the pillar in the back makes it blend into the image. I think the first image is very visually pleasing- I appreciate that you managed the capture the person walking. They are kind of hidden at first but it’s such a great detail to have in the image. Overall, I think you have great contrast and tone in your images. They feel very balanced.

  3. I really enjoyed how the pictures are of daily life and it’s something I can easily see on the streets on my own. I think the picture of the capitol could be a little straighter. As for the first picture of the streets, I think you should focus the end of the street at the 1/3 mark of the picture to follow the rule of thirds. I think that would make the image look a lot more eye catching. Overall, I really enjoyed your pictures!! Keep it up.

  4. Eliza – this set of photos has a very nostalgic, dreamy feel . You chose excellent sites to shoot black and white film, as I don’t think color would give off the same vibe that you accomplished here. The exposure delivers a softer feel to the harsh architect of the capitol and contrast of the posts and trees.

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