4 thoughts on “Emma Byers”

  1. So exciting to see your work on here!! I really like these three images together–they’re all so soft and intimate. I particularly enjoy the focus on the second photo; it makes the image all the more interesting.

  2. I’ve always fascinated with the human body in a delicate sense. There’s a frailness when I look at my hands and even when I look at these photos. This series of photos turns that and, in a way, brings that frailness together into something not so frail. Humans coming together is a remarkable idea to come upon in this world that we live in.

  3. I think you get the mood of people’s hands. I really like how you use the light that perfectly shows the line of fingers and arms. And I think showing part of the body can give people more space to imagine the whole mood of these people.

  4. Emma – I love the contrast of the shadows. The angled light source provides for a clear, conceptual focus on intimate touch and togetherness. The color and tone of each of the photos seems very natural. The set has a strong sense of cohesiveness. I enjoy the shallow depth of field in the second photo as well as the landscape change

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