photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Grace Burzinski

Grace Burzinski
Art 376: Intro to Film Photography
Silver Prints; 8″ x 10″
3 of 9 Image Series

The idea for this series was time and how I could represent its passage in different ways while also still incorporating a clock. The digital clock is along exposure that shows the changing of the last two numbers over a period of 4 seconds. The plain pocket watch photo is not just a clock, but one that was passed down through the owner’s family through several generations. Finally, the last picture is two stacked negatives with the same friend’s hand and at almost the exact same time but on two separate days.

8 thoughts on “Grace Burzinski”

  1. I truly enjoy the concept of time throughout this series. I think it’s an important theme to grasp especially in such changing times like this. The layering on the last image is what stands out to me the most. I think this image allows a greater meaning to come together as one and represents the idea of time in an artistic yet sophisticated way.

  2. This is a really interesting concept and I think the way you represented it is really interesting. I do think that since the first and last images involve different techniques they stand out more than the image of just the pocket watch. Although the pocket watch does hold importance, I think it just doesn’t stand out enough against the other two images. My favorite of the three images is the last one with the two hands.Stacking negatives was really effective in this image because it makes it feel as though time is passing with one being more faded than the other.

  3. I think that you do a lovely job portraying your theme. I could understand what the work was about- before even reading your description. The second image is composed well and has this sense of standing still, which contrasts your theme. I think it also contrasts the last image, as the last image has a feeling of movement to it. I feel like the contrast in the first image doesn’t quite match the second and third images. It looks softer and muddier and I think I would like to see it with more contrast like the images after it!

  4. I love the picture of the hands. The long exposure is so well done. But also, it is very nice to see your idea of time well reflected in your photos. However, it gets a bit literal. Great silver prints!

  5. I love the representations of time here. The clocks and timekeeping make what could be softer images into something far more intense. The sandwiched negatives are also a really cool way to work with this idea of time.

  6. I love your idea behind this series, and also love how you interpret your idea with photography, especially your last image, where you stacked two negatives together. I also really enjoyed your composition, it’s simple, neat and natural at the same time.

  7. We often perceive photography as a way of freezing time in a single frame, so your idea of using a long exposure time and using digital clock as a motif in the first picture interests me. However, the overlays of number were not really significant in your framing. For the second picture, I appreciate the way you present certain contrast to the previous one as it presents a strong sense of stillness. The context you mentioned in the statement is interesting but also made me wonder how one could present it in a visual way. For the third picture, I think your design works really well in the framing. The superimposition really made me question the time as property in photography.

  8. Grace – this set of photos is very cohesive. Each have a level of softness to them that toys with the idea of time itself.. In the first photo with the piano, I am drawn to the six lightbulbs which are beautifully captured and exposed. I especially like the sly message – “here” – on the left of this image.

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